10 Family Food Safety Devices You Should Know

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10 Family Food Safety Devices You Should Know

Before introducing family food safety devices in the field of medtech, I think it is necessary to broaden the horizon of household food safety first. Otherwise, we can’t make take full advantage of their functions and fully enjoy the benefits of modern safefood devices.

Referring to the FDA, here are five tips for food safety at home.

-Always wash your food, hands, counters, and cooking tools.
-Keep raw foods to themselves. Germs can spread from one food to another.
-Foods need to get hot and stay hot. Heat kills germs.
-Put food in the fridge right away.
-Get food-bore illness? Save the food package, can, or carton. Then report the problem. Call your doctor and get medical care right away.

These tips completely wake us up from the traditional household food security knowledge, which just focuses on food washing singly. Our MOKO believe medtech should bring a revolution to housework food security, following the advanced measures suggested by the FDA. Thus, we select 10 family food safety devices which can truly develop household food safety levels.

Family Food Safety Devices for Cleaning

Family Food Safety Devices for Cleaning

Multifunctional Food Sterilizer

A perfect family dinner should contain various foods, at least food and vegetables.“ Keep raw foods to themselves. Germs can spread from one food to another.” FDA have made this careful suggestion to all families with the profound knowledge of the cooking habits of people.

Except for food safety, a professional home cook doesn’t want taint of odor among, for example, steak and mushroom.

Especially for household, multifunctional food sterilizer is designed as two individuals but linking to the same host machine in order to separate raw meat and others. Technically, in addition to avoiding virus spreading and odor of food, two individual generating devices are equipped with totally four electrolysis models, fitting to the properties of fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood.

For vegetables and fruit, the generator is designed as a net inside, which results in less electrolytic quantities to reduce destruction on the surface of vegetables and fruits. However, it requires higher electrolytic quantities for meat and seafood to deepen cleaning, so, in the other generator, metal sheets that are organized in parallel design play a useful part.

Differing from other integrated machines with cleaning boxes, the multifunctional food sterilizer allows conducting sterilization in household plastic basket, glass bowl, kitchen sink by just putting one of individual generators in them. It is very convenient for consumers without spending extra effort to put in and out their food.

Sterilization effect is very professional and reliable with the configuration of Hydroxyl ion technique, which is the commonest and safest way to remove pesticide residue, antiputrefactiva, hormone, clenbuterol bacteria and so on. Full-scale of food contamination can be cleaned up, which brings health guarantee to consumers.

Wireless Food Cleaner

Despite sharing the same sanitizing technique with last device, wireless food cleaner can be definitely different in design to cater to various requirements of household.

The wireless food cleaner, without any cumbrous cable connecting to host machine or power outlet, but still small individual machine body, completely releases the place limitation of food sterilizing. It also can bring housework convenience to consumers and conduct deepen purification on separated food.

What’s more, handy designs such as hanging loop, one button for all control, dismountable shell for easy internal cleaning, can be added to suit household application, which simplifies housework procedure.

Multipurpose Ozone Machine

Since the outbreak of Covid, people have raised their awareness of virus prevention. Absolutely, wearing a mask is the most critical way to isolate the virus in the air from our respiratory tract, while multiple ozone machine is very reliable and versatile to protect family health from biological and chemical contamination.

First, the ozone machine is capable of air purification. As a type of gas with strong oxidizing property, ozone are discharged to the air to chemically react with bacteria, virus, methanal in new house, PM2.5 and passive smoking indoor. This greatly reduces exposure to hazardous substances in the air, protecting your family from getting ill due to air contamination.

Second, the ozone machine can make tap water into sanitizing liquid, which can be used for food cleaning. Food safety is ensured among households.

To sum up, it is very efficient to take care of household health at such a low cost for just one medical device.  

Smart Food Washer

With the same ozone sterilization principle, smart food washer is an internally installed micro-computer with different washing procedures available. Cook tools cleaning and food cleaning can be automatically conducted just by one pressing with a customer’s fingertip.

This family food safety device realizes “wash your food and cooking tools”as what FDA put forward, providing dual protection for family diet health.

Portable Ultrasonic Washing Cleaner

The above four devices are skillful at eliminating chemicals and biological contamination on food, while portable ultrasonic washing cleaner is good at dealing with physical contamination, especially dirt hidden in complex structure.

Based on the water pool, ultrasonic wash cleaner produces millions of little bubbles. Then, they grow and blast, which is called the cavitation effect. Taking full use of cavitation effect, dirt hidden in little seam of food can be blasted out by approximately 1000 times of barometric pressure.

Household raw food always contains lots of dirt which is hard to clean with your hands. Grapes grow into tight organization. Lobsters like dredging mud from river bed. Conchs like hiding in sand. Portable ultrasonic washing cleaners are able to remove sand and muddles anywhere water can cover. This frees the hands of consumers and saves a lot of time on cleaning narrow slits of food.

Family Food Safety Devices for Testing

Family Food Safety Devices for Testing

It is suggested that babies, pregnant women and elderly people in the family are more vulnerable to food contamination in the family. Once any process of handling food is polluted, they are likely to get ill. However, traditional food tester is too expensive and large for household use. This entirely limits the assessment to family food safety precaution and accident tracing.

The following four family safety food devices can give you more options to ensure your diet health.

Portable Pesticide Residue Detector

Most pesticide residue are used in supermarkets or school canteens. Is it superfluous to keep one at home?

The whole operation process is not difficult. Firstly, customers need to mix detecting samples with special chemicals. Then, pour the mixture into the cuvette and put it in the hole on the top of the instrument. After a few minutes, the results will be displayed on the digital screen.

Moreover, it is as small as one hand.

MOKO is pleased to provide one more optional solution for monitoring food contamination, especially for somewhere suffering from overuse of pesticide.

Odor Detector

Odor Detector, which is also named electronic nose. is a simple tool for odor analysis. It can digitally display the intensity and level of odor. It is easy to operate and interpret, with a built-in sampling pump to sample the air in the environment.

A semiconductor probe is capable of sensing the intensity of the odor. And then convert the analysis of the intensity of the odor into a digital display on the LCD screen in real time.

Two modes are available in this odor detector. Real-time sampling mode can continuously detect changes in odor intensity. Memory sampling mode, which required sampling and interpretation in preset interval, could record the interval data in the memory. The memory data can be downloaded to the computer for interpretation.

This is good news for households to monitor food safety in fridge and pantry, where we often ignore and seldom check spoilage for each kind of food.    

High Cost Performance Portable Colorimeter  

The colorimeter is commonly used to measure the color of meat, such as steak, pork, chicken, tuna, etc., and monitor their color change during the food storage period to ensure the quality of the product. 

For example, taking steak as the research object, a colorimeter was used to construct the relationship between color parameters and chemical indicators. For the color of different steak, color difference analysis method and sensory evaluation were applied to output precise results that show on the digital screen.

In addition to meat, the colorimeter can measure the surface of steamed buns, noodles, bread, noodle slices, etc. It determines the reasonable deviation of the color of the sample, which is convenient for qualitative and quantitative quality control.

Although there are many quality indicators for food, their detection steps are cumbersome. A large amount of organic solvents are required, which may increase the detection cost. Possessing household colorimeter with tiny size is a high cost performance choice to ensure family diet health.

Cooking Oil quality Detector

As the most common ingredient in fried food, cooking oil can’t be sanitized as fruit or meat to ensure security. Where we can identify its quality, to the maximum extent, is just a piece of spot checking report from factory or lab before packing. However, leaving the supermarket, there is still a high probability that oil spoilage takes place after household storage or long-time cooking. Such spoilage is almost impossible for a family to perceive by smelling and tasting.

For household, cooking oil quality detector can solve the above problem with ease. Sizing as a comfortable grip, it has a simple digital display and button which is very friendly to lay person. Probe which is made of special material can be directly put into heat oil to detect TPM valve. If TPM is below 20%, oil quality is good. If TPM is from 20% to 24%, oil is still edible. If it is above 24%, you should change the oil immediately. Besides, it is water-proof for easy cleaning by water after using.

In this way, french fries and chicken on family dinner table would be safer. Cooking oil quality detector plays a vital part in household food-bore illness precaution.

Family Food Safety Devices for Condition Monitoring

Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Keep food at the right temperature also mentioned in FDS advice about food safety at home.

Temperature and humidity sensor is a helpful monitor to ensure proper storage condition for household pantry and fridge so as to ensure good quality of food.

More and more, the data of temperature and humidity is available on mobile phones. Checking on site is no longer required, so it brings convenience to consumers.



We believe that household food security will be developed by raising awareness of people and the force of Medtech.

Moko specializes in the OEM of family food safety devices (medical device) with ISO quality assurance. If you have an innovative design, let us become a partner and work together to ensure food safety for every family in the world.

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