Smart Food Safety Device Grounded on IoT

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Smart Food Safety Device Grounded on IoT

The Era of big data and IOT is coming, while food safety monitor seeks to approaches of upgrade. If we combine these two, the game of food safety will be changed to be easy, with a set of advanced smart food safety device grounded on IoT.

What does Smart Food Safety Device via IoT Features?

What does Smart Food Safety Device via IoT Features?

Assistant of Food Safety Database Construction

Smart food safety device with wifi or bluetooth is wonderful data collectors to construction of big food safety databases.

Quick Food Data Dealing from Food Approach to wifi Output  

Most smart food safety devices contain sensors or working components, electrical signal conversion, decoding circuit and database interface. From sensors to database interface, it is a quick and automatic process operated by smart food safety device without any manual involvement, which may take a long time and improve data mistake ratio.

Various Food Data Origin, Various Food Data and Strong Approach of Food Relevance

Smart food safety devices can be arranged in any point of IoT network, touching the food directly. Besides, sensor of food odor, food colour, food contamination and food storage condition offer various food data, which can be all stored and spread in IoT network.

Significance for Food Traceability and Food Safety Precaution in Supply Chain

They ensure accurate traceability and faster response. At some point in the supply chain, like the warehouse, food coming from different sources, different countries, different markets would enter and exit the warehouse. Thanks to the powerful memory of smart food safety devices, it holds each data of food item individually.

When any feedback of food contamination is received, operator can troubleshoot based on the data collected by IoT Network. For example, if food A and B go through the same food warehouse at the same time, A passed the odor test but B failed. Then we should check the last processing location of B by just inputting its barcode number. Until we find a name of place which frequently occurs on different spoilage food barcode number, further research is necessary should be conducted on site for that place.

Where does Smart Food Safety Device Watch Over Supply Chain?

Where does Smart Food Safety Device Watch Over Supply Chain?


The application of wireless module in the vegetable field is to realize the automatic record and sense through the Internet of Things technology in real time. The collection of temperature and humidity in the greenhouse is very instructive for a farm to plant its crops so as to take action accordingly as soon as possible.

Livestock Farm

Livestock is regarded as the start of the whole meat management system. RFID reader and electrical ear label in the livestock enjoys a great popularity to track and monitor the whole process of animals from birth, slaughter, sales, to final consumption.

It is conducive to animal disease control. After reading by RFID device, ear number stored electronic ear label of each livestock can be matched with its variety, source, production performance, immune status, health status, animal owner and other information. In case of any epidemic and animal product quality problems, it can trace source, distinguish responsibilities, plug loopholes. Thus, it scientizes and institutionalizes the management of livestock.

It promotes safe breeding. Electronic ear tags are an excellent tool for clear identification among a large number of livestock. If any livestock is not given vaccination, its ear number will not be on the list of good immune status. The farmer can find this pig or cow with hidden risk in time and take corresponding control measures quickly to ensure safe meat.

It improves the level of farm management. The daily management process for a farm is very tedious. Livestock birth, feeding, vaccination, disease treatment, weight tracking, medical treatment and sales should be carefully looked after. If RFID reader and ear mark are fully applied in the pig farm, these records will automatically kept and output through wifi or bluetooth.

It is also convenient for the government to supervise meat safety. Through this electronic tag code, data can be traced back to the pig’s production farm, purchase farm, slaughterhouse. Such  an identification function is beneficial to the track any loophole in livestock growing and supervise the meat in the market to be healthy and safe.

Food Processing Factory

Food processing enterprises shall go through a series of processes, including raw food purchase, food processing, food testing, food quality control, packing, and refrigeration storage. Introducing food devices via IoT is a good solution to keep all the procedures away contamination.

Food additive detector with wifi and bluetooth is advisable to use in testing purchasing food and final product testing. To be considerately, if you don’t want to sample from the final product, resulting in destruction of food. So we are pleased to recommend wifi infrared spectroscopy to you.

In food processing, ozone machines can help reduce viruses and germs in the air, which reduces the risk of food spoilage so as to reduce production cost.

In refrigeration storage, in order to maintain the quality of food, wifi barcode readers with powerful information capacity and anti-fouling ability are used to carry out food warehousing management. By using RFID technology and handheld terminal devices to scan bar codes, the staff can effectively shorten the time of packaging, handling, inventory and statistics, greatly improve the efficiency of warehousing management and ensure the quality of food warehousing and processing. Also, the temperature and humidity sensors are very necessary to keep food fresh.

Particularly, cooking oil quality detector is applicable in the production line of fried snack factories. In order to improve cost performance. Cooking oil of snacks is always used repeatedly, but high temperature for a long time results in decline of oil quality, which even leads to serious food bore illness, such as cancer. Balancing these two issues, portable cooking oil quality detector was born to optimize business costs and ensure food safety for consumers.

Cold-chain Food Logistic

Cold chain logistics is different from traditional logistics. It means that food is always in a low temperature environment when it flows from the place of origin to the destination, aiming at ensuring product quality and reducing food wastage. In the past two years, food logistic devices based on IoT have continued to mature, leading to the improvement of cold-chain food logistic.

If the food is ready to be transported, a pallet label is generated. This label includes SSCC, GTIN of trade items within the logistics unit, quantity of trade items within the logistics unit, palletized date, net weight, gross weight, country of origin and post code.

 In terms of distribution, sensor technology, RFID reader, GPS tracker are used to record the distribution vehicles, vehicle license, driver name, loading location, loading time, destination, arrival time, routine of distribution vehicles and opening times of transport vehicle doors.  Temperature and humidity sensor and odor detector is specially responsible for temperature and humidity monitor and food spoilage precaution, which is also strictly checked by custom office in  the next step.

Custom Office & Government

For the front-line inspectors facing customs declaration, it is too slow to identify the composition of fresh food by traditional testing. However, if the declaration food is a high-risk item, here is a dilemma.

Odor detector, portable pesticide residue detector, food additive detector, liquid chromatograph and infrared spectroscopy are very helpful to quicken the fulfillment of testing project in the testing list of custom office.

Besides, with the support of wifi or bluetooth function, large cargo handling data can be organized in a quick and clear way, reducing labour of manual data statistics.


Food residues of agricultural and veterinary drugs, heavy metals, bacteria and other problems will cause harm to human health. Besides, with more importance attached to food safety, relevant market departments will carry out spot inspection of supermarket food. If food safety problems are detected, it will not only cause fines, but also affect the reputation of the supermarket.

But the food safety guarantee is not an easy thing but very diversiform. There are various foods sold in supermarkets, such as vegetables and fruits, egg milk, meat products, aquatic products, etc. All of these require to ensure the quality of food.

Infrared spectroscopy in food tests is versatile and suitable for supermarkets to cope with various food without any destruction on their packing or surface, such as eggs, red wines and milk. Spoilage inside the egg is difficult to detect unless you break it, but it has lost sale valve in the market.

Infrared spectroscopy in food tests

The principle of infrared spectroscopy is that infrared spectroscopy is a kind of molecular absorption spectrum. Infrared light is emitted by the infrared spectrometer, and then the light exposure to the surface of the object to be detected. Because of absorption characteristics, organic matter will absorb infrared light, thus producing infrared spectra. The technical personnel can find the database of chemical groups corresponding to the absorption peak according to the infrared spectrum, and carry out qualitative analysis on the composition and status of the measured substance. Simply speaking, pesticide residual on the surface of fruit, spoilage inside the egg can be detected with ease.

In this way, it is beneficial for supermarkets to grow up sustainably and save the wastage on food samples. For consumers, this is definitely good news because their diet health is ensured.

Canteen & Household

Smart food safety devices for Canteen & Household

Steak and sushi are the common raw food on household or canteen tables. They are delicious but risky if there are no food safety guarantee measures.

Two steps we should take on this type of food. First, ask food cleaner for help. In terms of wireless technology, wifi and bluetooth are available in common. For cleaning technology, electrolytic hydroxyl disinfection, ozone disinfection and ultrasonic washing is very effective to remove physical contamination, chemical contamination and biological contamination. For handy design, small shell and hanging loop fit the site of canteen or house.

Second, hold quick testing to this raw yummy food. Portable pesticide residue detector and virus meat detector is a good solution to keep you away from food danger, releasing your worry when tasting good food.

How does IoT Network Fit Safety Food Supply Chain?

How does IoT Network Fit Safety Food Supply Chain?

Iot Network shows its outstanding strength when applying to the food supply chain. Because the former is capable of storing various data and weaving net among them, and the latter embrace intricate relationship between people and food as well as food and food. We can say that the IoT network was born to contour food supply chain and pave the way to smart food safety management online.



If you have software or design of firmware, don’ hesitate to contact us about wifi food safety devices based on IoT. We are looking forward to cooperation to upgrade food safety management from physical supply chain to intangible Internet with strong power.

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