How Do You Use A DVT Pump!

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How Do You Use A DVT Pump!

In society, we MOKO MEDTECH, a medical device manufacturer, always stand by those weak at health, on the customized product line of therapy equipment. Although lots of people know that smart DVT Pump can relieve DVT, they don’t know how to use it in a right way. Embarrassedly, that is worse than the situation where they have never heard of DVT Pump. So today we will clarify the right way to use it and recommend some outstanding designs for OEM. However, prior to clarification, it is necessary to share the basic knowledge of DVT, a type of universal sickness in aging society.

Basic Knowledge of DVT

The full name of DVT is deep venous thrombosis. Due to various reasons, blood coagulates into thrombus in the deep venous system of lower extremities. Furthermore, it blocks the return of blood and causes inflammatory changes in the vein walls. DVT often occurs in the extremities, especially the lower extremities. Typically, during the acute stage, the patient presents a sudden swelling of one-side limb, especially the left low limb. And, it is advisable to go to the hospital as soon as possible.
Most hospitals will conduct a color Doppler ultrasonography for the patient. And then the doctor will diagnose the disease precisely and arrange serious therapy for the patient. In common, the first two weeks after DVT break out is called acute stage, while the later two weeks are called subacute stage. Then, the patient will start his chronic stage.  
Among them, drug anticoagulant therapy basically covers the entire course of treatment. It can not only inhibit the spread of thrombus, but also benefits the autolysis of thrombus and recanalization of vascular lumen. The treatment of the chronic phase mainly adopts physical therapy and drug therapy.
It seems DVT is so troublesome and time-consuming that nobody wants to get it. Thus, we provide three tips for precaution.
-If you are healthy, please keep exercising more to promote blood circulation.
-Reduce smoking to reduce micro-vascular spasm.
-Avoid prolonged sitting. Especially during working hours or long-distance flights, it is recommended to leave the seat and walk around intermittently.

What Are the Contraindication for DVT Pump?

What Are the Contraindication for DVT Pump?

If you are in the acute stage or subacute stage of DVT, don’t use DVT pump casually. Such a misuse may lead to DVT aggravation. In the acute attack of venous thrombosis, the formation of venous thrombosis will cause pain and swelling in the lower limbs. If you conduct compression on the affected limb, thrombus will enter the pulmonary blood vessels with the blood. Worse, this may result in blockage of the pulmonary arteries. This is why we call the misuse of DVT massager embarrassment in the beginning of the text.

How Do You Use A DVT Pump?

How Do You Use A DVT Pump?

So, with the approval and advice of your doctor, the right stage where DVT pump can be used should be chronic stage, which means your thrombus is almost gone.

During chronic stage treatment, it is advisable to change the lifestyle. Firstly, avoid standing or sitting for a long time. Secondly, light exercise is recommended. If necessary, medical elastic stockings can be worn to assist movement. Thirdly, if the patient has to stay in bed for a long time, intermittent DVT Pump can be used. It should be noted that if the patient is still at high risk of thrombosis recrudescence, anticoagulant drugs should be taken orally under the guidance of a specialist.

What treatment is given for DVT ?

What treatment is given ?

In chronic stage, a professional DVT massager gives DVT a proper treatment. It is not a common cloth wrapping legs.

The DVT pump is composed of a main device, an inflation hose, a pressurized air bag and other components. The pressurized airbags, just like chambers, are in different arrangements and shapes according to the use part, such as upper limbs, lower limbs, waist, back. By sequentially inflating and deflated repeatedly, a cyclically varying pressure on the limb and tissue is created.

The whole massage direction must be from ankle to knee. DVT Pump must conduct slight grabbing and loosing on the limb along the route of vein and muscle. This can accelerate the return of venous blood in the lower limb. It is very effective in preventing recrudescence of deep vein thrombosis.

What Is the Normal Pressure For A DVT Pump?

What Is the Normal Pressure For A DVT Pump?

If you are a brand trading company or common user, you may be curious about the pressure of a professional DVT Pump, because it is a critical factor for its effectiveness to cure DVT.

Proper pneumatic pressure

Generally speaking, the proper pressure for a DVT pump is 25~35mmgh. Such a slight pressure range greatly balances blood circulation and pain.

Proper direction

The massage direction of a professional DVT pump should be from the bottom to the top, because this is the direction of blood return.

Joints exclusion

As we all know, joints are covered by few muscles. For elders who have osteoporosis, if repeat pressure is added on their joints, they will feel painful and even get joints deformation. Therefore, the shape of the air bag should be carefully considered to exclude the joint.

Small Size

In addition to the above critical there features, we have other three good designs to inspire your design idea on DVT pump.

Considering most patients will pull through their chronic stage at home, we offer small size option for product customization. Household is different from hospital, small appliance may fit it more from the perspective of space-saving and space appearance. We MOKO MEDTECH have done well in PCB, which allows us to be confident in making a smaller main device for DVT pump.

Smart function

Besides, smart IoT function should be a breakthrough in the field of DVT pump. We are very ready to make inserted bluetooth module to support any IoT idea from brand buyer. We look forward to a perfect combination of our bluetooth module and your mature software and firmware design. Is there any database of massage feelings from users? Is there any heart rate detection to show on the phone in real time? Can the data be shared with the phone of the user’s family or doctor for easy monitoring the situation of users? We are waiting for your user-friendly design.  


Moreover, it is very nice for final users to have a specific bag for DVT pump. A specific bag brings more convenience to organize different components of the device, tiding their bedroom and easing their carry.


All in all, Moko Medtech is more than a medical device OEM, sharing some health knowledge. Hope you have a healthy body.

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