The Best Hot and Cold Therapy Equipment For Home

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The Best Hot and Cold Therapy Equipment For Home

Noticing the development of the attention to muscle strain, we, a medical device manufacturer, can’t wait to share some sport tips to prevent injury as well as some therapy methods in case of any accidental strain. Besides, we will introduce a useful device, hot and cold therapy equipment for home, to handles serious muscle strain. Because such a large amount of muscle strain treatment demand may not be handled by limited public medical resources. What’s more, it is more convenient to accept treatment at home, especially when you are too painful to move.   

What is the prevention of strain injury?

What is the prevention of strain injury?
  • Warm up before sport.
  • Relax muscles by stretching and massaging after sport.
  • Timely cold therapy if you get strain injury. For certain strain injury in mild degree, we highly advise you to accept cold therapy at home within 24 hours*. Thus, a less round journey between home and hospital provides more relaxation to the strained muscles.
  • Apply strain ointment after timely cold therapy.
  • After the above therapy, you can also accept hot therapy* if necessary.

*Timely Cold Therapy Against Strain

A muscle strain is an injury caused by a muscle being contracted sharply or stretched excessively during exercise. After the muscle is strained, the injured part will be severely painful. The cord-like lumps formed by the muscle tension can be felt by light hand touching. The injured part is always with obvious pain, local swelling or subcutaneous hemorrhage. Its movements are obviously restricted.

Because the muscle tissue is damaged, capillaries rupture will subcutaneous bleeding. In some cases, severe swelling may occur. For these, ice therapy should be applied within 24 hours after the injury.

Cold therapy can not only constrict the capillaries under the skin, but also lowers the local temperature. Therefore, bleeding from the injured area is suppressed. Besides, the related symptoms of swelling are correspondingly controlled, while the corresponding muscle spasm can also be relieved.

*Hot Therapy in the Middle Stage of Recovery

In the middle of recovery, when the inflamed area is no longer swollen or red and hot, you can apply heat therapy.

Hot therapy raises body temperature and relaxes blood vessels. Accordingly, it can increase local blood circulation and speed up the metabolism of injured parts. Furthermore, the inflammatory substances can be quickly discharged to improve the self-healing ability of the tissue. In addition, hot therapy can soften the body. In this way, it helps increase the malleability of soft tissue, reduce the chance of joint stiffness and muscle spasm.

How to do cold hot therapy at home?

How to do cold hot therapy at home?

If you are in muscle strain, please choose cold therapy with any hesitation. Considering that you are at home now, we suggest that an ice bag should be the best tool for cold therapy. If the ice bag is not available, just make one by putting ice cubes into a common plastic bag. It is very effective to relieve your muscle strain. In the middle stage of recovery, you can apply hot therapy at home, too. The method is similar to cold therapy, except for the ice bag.

If you want professional therapy at home based on your poor medical knowledge, here we highly recommend household cold and hot therapy equipment to you. Or, if your family like playing sport, preparing one set of cold and hot therapy equipment at home is not a bad choice.

What is the use of heat and cold therapy equipment?

What is the use of heat and cold therapy equipment?

Hot and cold therapy equipment understands how to conduct therapy as a professional nurse in the hospital. This attributes to the inserted micro-computer, which have been set into all the professional therapy procedures in advance. When you press the start button, it is capable of imitating the therapy in hospital under the order of preset procedures. Therefore, the user can enjoy good treatment at home.  

The Best Hot and Cold Therapy Equipment For Home

The Best Hot and Cold Therapy Equipment For Home

We sum up three main features from the market of household hot and cold therapy equipment, with our ten-year experience. First, micro-computer PCB should be equipped to command all the professional therapy procedures. Second, it should not be in big size to save space at home. Third, some high-tech brands add bluetooth modules into the equipment for user’s convenience to upload and discuss the therapy data online with professional therapist if necessary. This promotes communication to remote therapists, though the users are at home.

Cold Therapy Equipment of Polar Votex (B2C)

Cold therapy equipment of Polar Votax is configured with four cold cubes, which is used to keep cold flowing. The strap wraps are designed into versatile shape to freely adapt your elbow, leg, knee and so on. Besides, the transparent design of the case can ease the identification of ice level inside. Last, the whole size of the machine is very nice for home.

Red Light Hot Therapy Device of Holsn (B2C)

The hot therapy device of Holsn is based on red light. Four durations are available. And four levels of energy are provided. User can choose above options to fit their feelings and injuries. What’ s more, the red lights it gives out are in 660nm or 808nm. The former can go through human skin and carry the heat to blood circulation. The later has a great penetrating power to reach joint and muscle so as to delivery heat in deep level. Moreover, the shape of the whole device is very nice to grip by hand.

Moko Medtech (B2B)

Moko Medtech specializes in manufacturing customized hot and cold therapy machines from inside to outside.

With ten-year experience and ISO 13485 certificate, the inserted micro-computer PCB can be stably produced on the dust-free lines in Moko Medtech’s workshop. For plastic accessories, Moko can ensure their quality by ISO9001 management system. These give confidence to their customers and they keep great business partnership with famous brands.

Besides, they made great progress in bluetooth modules, which develop hot and cold therapy machines into IoT level. Undoubtedly, this boosted remote therapy consultation.


LOTUXS are good at the manufacturing of clinical hot and cold therapy machines. Their customized services contain the production of clinical diode laser hair removal system, diode laser lipolysis systems, diode laser physical therapy system, thermal imaging camera and so on.


Absolutely, if all the methods above are noneffective, or if you are not sure about which injury you are suffering from, please go to the hospital. We hope that everyone has a healthy body.

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