Top 7 Training Equipment Manufacturers

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Top 7 Training Equipment Manufacturers

Today we are going to make a review on an training equipment manufacturers market for your quick access to the general situation of sourcing market. And we select and introduce some advisable OEMs for your convenience sourcing. The data is

Summarized from Alibaba, the biggest B2B e-trade website in the world. We hope this text will be helpful to you.

Overview of Training Equipment Manufacturers Market

Overview of Training Equipment Manufacturers Market

By careful research from the online market, we mainly find that the training equipment manufactures are based in Asia, especially in China. Among those verified manufacturers, most are located on the east coast or south coast of China, bordering the ocean.

Key Criteria in Selecting A Manufacturer

Prior to introducing advisable training equipment manufacturers, we also conclude seven common factors in selecting a manufacturer for making a basic evaluation later. They are cost, quality, experience, location, delivery, responsiveness, flexibility.

Low purchasing cost is very fundamental for a trading company to get better profits and set a competitive price in B2C market. Anyway, the supplier with the lowest price may not be the fittest one. Healthy low purchasing cost can result from large volume production, low factory rent and automatic product line which can work without manual operation for seven days a week. However, we should be vigilant to unhealthy low purchasing cost which is due to using unqualified materials.

Quality is an significant consideration in choosing a supplier. Generally speaking, evaluating quality level of a supplier is comprehensive thing. We can first ask for quality system verified certificate, such as ISO9001 and ISO13485. Or, you can search other customer comments on B2B website. Even you can visit the factory in site to see their quality control process. Building an brand image with a good product quality helps trading company gaining more stable customers as well as excellent public trust.

In addition, delivery should not be ignored during supplier assessment, although it seems not so difficult. It mostly depends on the warehouse team and delivery team of the factory. Sometimes, a proper delivery management process is also helpful. A fast and proper delivery ability of a training equipment manufacturer will influence the inventory in each tier of the supply chain. Furthermore, fast delivery offers is like a accelerator to catch up B2C market requirement.

Product flexibility means the manufacturing versatility of the suppliers. We can assess the issue from its producing process, manufacturing machine and tier two suppliers. The higher flexibility the factory possesses, the easier achievement of training equipment design your trading company will have. Besides, it provide more possibility to extend your B2C product ranges on the basis of sustainable cooperation with the same suppliers.

Training Equipment Manufacturer List

Vitalize Aging Population | MOKO MEDTECH

Vitalize Aging Population | MOKO MEDTECH

Aging population Caring

MOKO MEDTECH keeps a close eye on the aging population and devote themselves to keeping their health, because MOKO deeply understand they are a vulnerable group lacking public health resources, especially in developed countries. They suffer from aging, sickness and even bad mental health. After all, they are going through the last period of their own life.

MOKO MEDTECH training equipment is special for old people, vitalizing their last period of their own life. It is good at rehabilitation training equipment, such as mini stepper, palm rehabilitation trainer.

Bluetooth Application

MOKO MEDTECH believes IoMT certainly would become the powerful basis to take care of the explosive aging population. And, bluetooth and wifi serve as the bridges between equipment and the Internet.

In the R&D department, they are armed with a professional team responsible for bluetooth and wifi. In workshops, they are configured by product lines which can produce bluetooth components in big volume at low cost. What’s more, the partnership between MOKO and suppliers of bluetooth raw materials is stable for a lot of years, which indirectly brings low cost and stable products to you.  

PCB Category Flexibility

Although MOKO MEDTECH is just a brand relative to customizing training equipment, it places high value on PCB manufacturers.

PCB circuit board is an important electronic interconnection product. It is the fruit of technology development and expansion. PCB circuit boards are printed circuit boards with point-to-point connections. It is a pre-designed printed component formed on a common substrate. The main function of PCB circuit board is to connect various electronic components and terminals. MOKO MEDTECH is versatile at single and multiple layer PCB in different materials, which can embrace your various design of training equipment functions. Last but not least, MOKO MEDTECH has built up dust-free plants for PCB, aiming at improving PCB production.

Management System

MOKO MEDTECH adapts ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, BSCI management. In other words, these allow us to feel reassured about its quality management, environmental management and social accountability management.

YOGA Resistant Training Equipment |Jinruite Sports

YOGA Resistant Training Equipment |Jinruite Sports

Jinruite sport is an experienced supplier in Jiang Su, China. The total area of the factory is more than 40000 square meters, including workshops with 20000 square meters. Their main production line is good at tooling, injection, plastic and sewing. They attach much importance to color process and pollution prevention of raw material. All these efforts they made aim at ensuring efficiency, quality and proper cost. Last but not least, they adapt ISO9001 management to ensure quality.

They believe love to fit and mainly focus on Yoga resistant training equipment, such as yoga flying hammock, yoga mat.

Strength Training Equipment | Yuncheng Intelligent

Strength Training Equipment | Yuncheng Intelligent

Nantong Yuncheng Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd, located in Jiangsu, China, is a professional manufacturer and exporter of fitness products. They focus on research, developing, producing and selling different fitness goods.Their products have been stepped into international market since 2010. And they have established excellent business relations with many famous companies.

Strength training equipment is their hot sale products, such as dumbbells, plates, barbell bars, racks, bench, wall ball.  

Gym Exercise Bike | Jinyuan Machinery

Gym Exercise Bike | Jinyuan Machinery

Zhejiang Jinyuan Machinery Co., Ltd factory covers an area of 25000 square meters, with over 200 employees. They are able to gaining annual sales turnovers above nine hundred thousand dollars. Their keep scientific management and strict operating systems to ensure that all the OEM products meet foreign requirements.

They excel at gym exercise bikes. Although they have no certificate about quality management. However, CNC cutting, A.I. robot arm for metal welding are equipped in their product lines. This is their competitive feature among OEM market.

Body Fitness Training Equipment | Todo Hardware  

Body Fitness Training Equipment | Todo Hardware

Zhejiang Todo Hardware Manufacture Co., Ltd. is located in Zhejiang, China. Under the BSCI and ISO9001 management system, they do well in quality assurance and social accountability. The factory covers an area of 20,000 square meters, with powder painting workshop, machine shop, injection molding shop and press shop.

They focus on home fitness equipment and massager products for 11 years. So far they have developed over 300 different products, containing trampoline, exercise bike, dumbbell, spinning bikes, treadmills, exercise bench, AB Machines, vibrating plates, massage gun and foot massagers.

Sport Safety Gear | Gunuo Technology

Sport Safety Gear | Gunuo Technology

Yiwu Gunuo Technology Co., Ltd was established in 2018 and is located in Zhejiang, China. Their factory covers 3000 square meters.

They are engaged in the manufacture of protective devices, especially knee support brace, fitness gloves, hand lifting belt, weight lifting and hand grips. The product range covers all categories of the sports safety gear.

Football & Basketball Training Equipment | Gaia Sports

Football & Basketball Training Equipment | Gaia Sports

Gaia Sports was founded in 2014 with rich experience in the sports industry, especially in football and basketball training equipment. Although there is no professional quality verified certificate, they have excellent quality teams. Their experienced staff members are responsive and sophisticated to achieve your requirements and ensure customer satisfaction to their best. Keeping business principle of win-win, they have had a reliable reputation among our customers with their sincere services, products in high quality and pretty prices.


To sum up, training equipment purchase market is more and more diversified. We hope that you can have a happy sourcing journey in the training equipment market. For any training equipment market detail, please feel free to contact us.

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