Perkhidmatan OEM Peranti Mekanikal

Our industry-leading facilities and high level of expertise make us as a preferred mechanical device OEM partner.

Fully Equipped

Our factory is equipped with the latest equipment and complete production lines, helping us improve production efficiency and bring your products to market quickly.

Quality Assurance

Since its establishment in 2006, MOKOMEDTECH has been providing customers with medical equipment and related services that meet medical industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Highly Professional

We have experts proficient in mechanical device manufacturing, who will work closely with you to ensure the smooth implementation of each link.

Our Mechanical Device OEM Services

Enclosure Modifications & Fabrication​

Enclosure Modifications & Fabrication

After receiving the customer’s 3D files, our engineers will review and propose relevant modifications. Using our advanced CNC and 3D printing technology, we have the ability to produce product casings made of various metals and plastics for our customers.

Assemblies Sourcing

A mechanical device requires many assemblies, especially for some complex devices, it can be tricky to procure all the components. MOKOMEDTECH can provide assemblies procurement services, our comprehensive supply chain management allows us to quickly source components at a lower cost.

Assemblies Sourcing
Mechanical Assembly

Mechanical Assembly

We provide customers with sophisticated and integrated mechanical assembly services, using our most advanced automation equipment and a variety of mechanical manufacturing processes such as CNC, sheet metal fabrication, dan percetakan 3D, kita boleh memenuhi daripada pemasangan mekanikal mudah kepada keperluan pemasangan elektromekanikal yang kompleks.

Pembuatan Prototaip

Kami menyediakan perkhidmatan prototaip dan juga pengeluaran percubaan kelompok kecil. Supaya pelanggan boleh menguji ciri dan fungsi produk sebelum pembuatan skala penuh. Kami dilengkapi dengan barisan pengeluaran prototaip khusus supaya kami boleh menghantar prototaip dengan cepat dan mempercepatkan masa pemulihan.

Pembuatan Prototaip

Keupayaan Pengilangan Mekanikal Kami

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