Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is no stranger to MOKOMEDTECH. For 17 years, we have provided high-quality medical electronic equipment for global medical enterprises, which helps to improve people's quality of life. Our company has always taken practical actions to make our society and the planet on which we live a better place.

What We Focus

People's Health

• Product Quality and Safety: We are deeply aware that medical electronics can affect people’s health significantly, hence, we strictly control the quality of each product, and never compromise on product safety. 
• We pay much attention to our employees’ health as well. We create a cozy and harmonious working environment, and we provide professional safety training for all workers.
• MOKOMEDTECH provides career development channels and provides platforms for our employees to exchange experience and learn so that all employees can continue to grow at work.

Compliance & Ethics

All business conduct of MOKOMEDTECH is based on ethics and industry compliance.
• We and all suppliers we work with abide by labor laws that prohibit any form of labor slavery. No child labor, no forced labor,
• We arrange a reasonable working schedule and shift system to ensure that our workers have enough time off. 
• We work closely with the local government to focus on employee welfare and build a better society.

Environmental Protection

Guided by strict principles and rules of environmental protection and eco-safety activities, we are committed to reducing the environmental footprint of our work in order to create a greener and more sustainable world.
• We continuously upgrade our production process and machines to provide material utilization, recycling 50% of the waste in production.
• 60% reduction in paper usage by digitizing the office.
• Strictly control harmful emissions such as gas, light pollution, and sewage, and significantly reduce environmental pollution.