Test Laboratory

MOKOMEDTECH's state-of-the-art test laboratory services provide a range of inspections and tests to help customers bring products to market quickly and smoothly.

High Accuracy

With our precision instruments and expertise, we provide test results with a high degree of accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

Multiple Test Methods

We apply multiple testing methods such as visual inspection and X-Ray inspection to serve the high-level testing quality to clients.

Fast Turnaround

Our testing lab operates efficiently, providing customers with reliable test results in the fastest time possible, accelerating time to market.

Our Test Laboratory Services

Product Safety Testing​

Product Safety Testing

It’s critical to ensure product safety, especially when it comes to medical devices. We perform a variety of safety testing such as:
  • Safety testing of active medical devices based on the international IEC 60601*1 standard series
  • Safety testing of in vitro diagnostic medical devices according to IEC 61010-2-101 and UL/CAN CSA 22.2
  • IEC 62133/UL 1642 safety testing for ion batteries and UL 2054 safety testing for household and commercial batteries

Mechanical& Electrical Testing

We simulate various test environments to provide reliable mechanical and electrical testing for medical electronic devices including:
    Reliability and Stability Testing
    Vibration Testing
    Corrosion Testing
    IP Tests
    Temperature Cycling
    Energy Efficiency
    Performance Claims Validation
    Radio/Wireless Testing

Mechanical& Electrical Testing
Chemical Testing

Chemical Testing

Medical devices must be produced according to global regulatory requirements to ensure compliance with the requirements for the use of raw materials and chemicals. Our laboratory provides the chemical characterization of materials, extractables and leachables assessment, and biocompatibility testing to analyze the chemical composition and physical properties of materials, and to assess the biological risk of devices in contact with patients.

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