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Rich Experience

MOKOMEDTECH has been providing medical electronics OEM services for 16 years, and products are exported to more than 30 countries. Our rich experience allows us to be more flexible to meet challenges, and more importantly, all products are manufactured in our 8000 square meters factory, ensuring that we can provide customers with reliable products and services at competitive prices.

Quality Assurance

We have a sound quality control system, and experienced quality inspectors carry out strict quality inspections of each product by adopting various inspection methods to ensure the high performance of the product. All of our production processes comply with industry standards, we are ISO13485, ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified, and our medical electronic devices are FDA registered.

DFA Pre-checking

It is very troublesome to discover the design problem during the production process. You have to stop production and re-optimize the design. This process is time-consuming and costly. MOKOMEDTECH provides customers with a free DFA pre-checking service, which is beneficial to reduce costs, eliminate production delays, and speed up new product manufacturing progress. 

Supply Chain Management

We have a stable and reliable supply chain, which helps us better control product quality and reduce costs. On the one hand, all suppliers we work with must meet high quality standards, on the other hand, a stable supply chain avoids delays due to shortages of raw materials.

After Sales

MOKOMEDTECH provides customers with excellent after-sales service, we provide UDI for each product for better tracking and provide maintenance and upgrade services. If you encounter any product problems, please do not hesitate to contact us, our professional and friendly support team will give timely feedback within 24 hours.

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