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Which Is Better Mesh Nebulizer vs Compressor Nebulizer

Which is Better: Mesh Nebulizer VS Compressor Nebulizer?

This text will introduce mesh nebulizer vs compressor nebulizer and make comparisons between them about the hot issue online. Finally, from the perspective of medical device manufacturers, we will share some tips on how to choose nebulizer machine for customized volume production. Is Mesh Nebulizer Good? Mesh nebulizer is an active medical device that converts liquid […]

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What Is Home Ventilator?

What is Home Ventilator?

Today, we, a medical device OEM, are going to introduce home ventilator, which is a hot product on manufacturers’ orders. Introduction Generally speaking, home ventilation includes ventilation control system, monitoring system and display interface. Meanwhile, the device is usually equipped with medical gas low-pressure hose assemblies, alarm systems, breathing circuits, humidifiers and other accessories or

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