What Is Low Frequency Therapy Device for Home ?

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What Is Low Frequency Therapy Device for Home

Low frequency therapy device are broadly applied in home therapy for pain management. Today we are going to talk about how low frequency therapy device is developed from an ancient solution, Torpedoes treatment, to highly advanced household machine, which can be easily produced in a large number by manufacturers.

How Did People Manage Pain In The Past?

How Did People Manage Pain In The Past?

An ancient Babylonian clay tablet records a treatment for tooth decay dating to 2250 BC. That is, powders of frankincense and henbane, which is a pain-relieving but poisonous herb, are used together to fill the cavities of dental caries. It is said that this is the earliest known pain relief recipe with written records.

What Is Low Frequency Therapy?

What Is Low Frequency Therapy?

In 46 AD, the ancient Roman physician Scribonius Largus invented low frequency therapy for headaches and gout. In his medical books, he placed Torpedoes, which were discharging, between the eyebrows or soles of his patients until the pain subsided. According to the theory of modern medicine, it is the electric shock that promotes the release of endorphins, thereby relieving pain.

Nowadays, though we have no longer used Torpedoes for therapy, low frequency therapy has still enjoyed great popularity. Besides, more and more sub-types of low frequency therapy have been developed to heal different pain.

Neuro-muscular electrical stimulation (NMES)

This therapy requires a low-frequency current with a certain fluctuating frequency, which scans the muscles and damaged nerves. During the scanning process, it will have a certain impact on the damaged part. It can not only produce the effect of repairing the damaged area, but also relieve the symptoms of muscle or nerve damage. It is mainly used to prevent and treat disuse muscular atrophy of muscles as well as to increase or maintain joint range of motion.

High Voltage Low Frequency Pulsed Electrotherapy (HVPC)

Low frequency pulse electrotherapy requires fluctuating low frequency pulses current, with high pressure. It provides quick pain relief and prompt repair of damaged nerves. It is mainly used to improve the symptoms of shoulder and neck pain or joint spasm.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)

In common, TENS requires pulsed currents of low frequency. It stimulates the nerve tissue in the damaged part, thereby regulating blood flow and promoting cell proliferation in the damaged part.

What Is Low Frequency TENS Used for?

What Is Low Frequency TENS Used for?

Hundreds of clinical reports mention the ailments that TENS can handle, such as low back pain (LBP), myofascial and arthritic pain.

Anyway, there are some contraindications for low frequency TENS.

  • Patients with pacemakers should not use TENS.
  • Pregnant women should not use TENS, because it may cause premature labor.
  • TENS should not be used to the carotid sinus because of the risk of acute hypotension associated with the vasovagal reflex.
  • TENS should not be placed on the front of the neck, because constriction of the laryngeal muscles may lead to laryngospasm.
  • Electrodes should not be placed in sensory impaired areas with the possibility of burns (eg, in the case of nerve damage, neuropathy).
  • Patients using spinal cord stimulators or intrathecal pumps should use the TENS device with caution.

What Are the Different Types of Low Frequency?

What Are the Different Types of Low Frequency?

Low Frequency Therapy Device for Uarthritis Pain

Generally speaking, the gout treatment device is composed of microelectronic electromagnetic foot patch, host, electronic ear clip, negative electrode patch and repair patch with trace elements. It has a double effect.

Ablation of Uric Acid Crystals in Joints, Cartilage and Kidneys

Firstly, attach the electrode pads containing the drug to the painful area, and then turn on the switch of the instrument. The active ingredients of the drug will penetrate from the skin into the body in the form of ions, ablating uric acid stones deposited in the joints, cartilage and kidneys. These uric acids will be excreted with urine, thereby alleviating gouty arthritis.

Correct the Disorder of Purine Metabolism

According to the principle of acupuncture and moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine, just paste the electrode pads to the designated acupuncture points, and then turn on the switch of the instrument. In this way, the purine metabolism in the human body will be corrected. Correspondingly, the concentration of uric acid in the blood will also decrease. Thus, the likelihood of uric acid crystallization decreases so as to minimize the pain of gout.

Low Frequency Therapy Device for Muscle Strain

If the muscles are strained, a low frequency therapy device can be used for treatment.The low frequency electrotherapy device is a solution that takes the advantages of electrical stimulation to promote muscle tissue repair. It can improve blood circulation and accelerate tissue repair. Therefore, it has a positive effect on relieving muscle spasms, reducing muscle fiber excitability, and eliminating muscle fiber inflammation.

Low Frequency Therapy Device for Insomnia

Besides, depression and anxiety, which leads to painful insomnia, can be effectively managed by low frequency therapy.

It has been found that low-frequency currents from 1 to 25 Hz have an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system of the brain. Under normal circumstances, the frequency of the EEG during mind resting is 8 to 13 Hz alpha waves, while the frequency of 4 to 7 Hz waves appears when sleepy.

The low-frequency electronic sleep device ingeniously transmits the above-mentioned low-frequency current to the central nervous system of the brain through the meridian sensor. Thus, it calms and hypnotizes the head-related points as well as some other sensory systems. In this way, the central nervous system achieves a balance that induces and promotes physiological sleep.

Modern Pain Management at Home 

Modern Pain Management at Home 

In the age of IoT, we can enjoy pain therapy at home with bluetooth or wifi household devices. Access to professional advice is more convenient with the help of the Internet. To some degree, this greatly offset the unprofessional operation at home and saves the time and cost of patients.


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