Which is Better: Mesh Nebulizer VS Compressor Nebulizer?

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Which Is Better Mesh Nebulizer vs Compressor Nebulizer

This text will introduce mesh nebulizer vs compressor nebulizer and make comparisons between them about the hot issue online. Finally, from the perspective of medical device manufacturers, we will share some tips on how to choose nebulizer machine for customized volume production.

Is Mesh Nebulizer Good?

Is Mesh Nebulizer Good?

Mesh nebulizer is an active medical device that converts liquid medicine into aerosol particles through the mesh, intending for aerosolizing liquid medications for inhalation therapy.

It consists of a main device with control part, atomization device containing piezoelectric ceramics and atomization mesh, liquid container, power adapter and inhalation accessories.

When it works, the built-in mesh rotates at high speed to disperse the liquid into tiny particles. It features good atomization effect, which can better enter the patient’s respiratory tract to ensure a good therapeutic effect. What should not be ignored is that the mesh should be cleaned or replaced in a regular period.

What Is Compressor Nebulizer?

What Is Compressor Nebulizer?

According to the Venturi injection principle, compressed air forms a high-speed airflow through a small nozzle. Next, the generated negative pressure drives the liquid jet onto the barrier. Under high speed, the liquid will splash around to make the liquid droplets into mist particles, and then spray out from the outlet pipe.

Compression nebulizers spray liquid to form mist via compressed air. It features simple structure and easy maintenance. However, such a nebulization method makes the generated atomized particles relatively large. That is to say, its atomization effect is not as good as that of mesh nebulizers, so the effect of treatment will not be as good.

Mesh Nebulizer VS Compressor Nebulizer

Mesh Nebulizer VS Compressor Nebulizer

Which Nebulizer Machine Is Best for Home Use?

When it comes to home use, size and easy operation are the most important consideration. It is better to be a small one which takes up a few places in the house, because the house carries lots of functions, not just for nebulizer therapy. Besides, a simple control panel for professional automatic therapy is very necessary for users staying at home. Unavailability of hospital nursing should be replaced by the automation and profession of the nebulizer machine.

In my opinion, both of them fit home use. For mesh nebulizers, their size is smaller on average, leaving more space for your bedroom. For compressor nebulizer, if it is inserted bluetooth module and micro-computer with procedure following hospital nursing habit, it will also be proper to use at home. On the one hand, bluetooth will enhance the data upload and storage on the cloud, bring convenience for subsequent reviewing. On the other hand, automatic procedure will ensure proper therapy nursing by controlling the device in a professional way as a nurse from hospital.

Can You Use Albuterol in A Mesh Nebulizer?

Yes, but its medical drug compatibility is weaker than compressor in general. For example, oil drug liquid, volatile liquid and viscous liquid can not be applied in a mesh machine. In contrast, compressor is versatile to handle different types of drug liquid.

Mesh Nebulizer Offer More Efficient Treatment

A few reports based on breathing simulators have indicated that the mesh nebulizer offers more efficient medication therapy than the compressor.

In this research, the efficiency of compressor and mesh nebulizers were tested by comparing their delivery rate of aerosol liquid in mice.

The scientist compared four household nebulizers, including two compressor (A with red and blue nozzles), a static mesh nebulizer (B), and a vibrating mesh nebulizer (C). When mice received salbutamol aerosol treatment, the levels of salbutamol in their lung and serum were tested through the approach called ELISA.

As a result, the residual values of salbutamol was the most at 34.6 percentage in A, but the volume for B and C mesh nebulizers were both less than 1 percentage.

In addition, the salbutamol delivery efficiencies of mesh nebulizer B and C were greater than that of compressor A. As compared to compressor A, the total delivered amounts of B and C were 39.9% and 141.7%, respectively. The delivery efficiency of the mesh nebulizer was obviously greater than that of the compressor.

In this research, though the compressor can generate smaller aerosol particles than the mesh nebulizer, the output rate of the compressor is still low. That is to say, mesh nebulizer offer more efficient treatment than compressor.

How to Choose Nebulizer Machine

How to Choose Nebulizer Machine

Prior to picking one between mesh vs compressor nebulizer, I think we should know their features. For trading merchants, it is no problem to make volume order and then launch them together. Because both of them are attractive to different consumer groups in the retail market.

Look In to the Features and Target Consumers of Mesh Nebulizers

Mesh nebulizers are popular medical for simple inhalation therapy anytime and anywhere. It can generate ultrafine particles of about 3um to guarantee a great output effect. Secondly, thanks to its sealed construction, patients lying down can enjoy its treatment freely. Thirdly, it is so voiceless that your sleep quality will not be influenced. Last but not least, the amount of residual liquid is less than 0.3ml, minimizing the wastage for you.

It is a family medical nebulizer which is suitable for acute asthma patients of the elderly and young children. Such patients usually have narrow airways and suffer from acute coughing attacks. The portability and super fine atomization ability of the mesh nebulizer are very useful for these kinds of patients.

Look In to the Features and Target Consumers of Compressor

Compressor nebulizer is with great drug compatibility and durability, though there is a certain amount of noise and a large volume. Therefore, it is more suitable for professional treatment at home or in a hospital. It can apply to all ages and a wider variety of respiratory diseases.


We hope the above text can help you during purchasing and stimulate your new ideas on nebulizer. If you want to make a deeper comparison between mesh nebulizer vs compressor nebulizer, please feel free to ask for samples from us. We are pleased to solve your problems.

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