Best 5 Home Nebulizer Machine in 2023

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Best 5 Home Nebulizer Machine in 2023

Respiratory disease has occur in a more frequent and contagious since the outbreak from Covid-19 to XBB. Home nebulizer, a convenient therapy medical device against respiratory, becoming more and more significant for individual health in society. We MOKO MEDTECH, a medical device manufacturer, will share some good home nebulilzers with consumers and recommend some product designs to product developers in trading brand companies.  

Basic Knowledge of Covid-19

The novel coronavirus is a respiratory infectious disease. It first attacks the respiratory tract and lungs. Then other organs may be attacked as well. Severely, it can not only cause different degrees of liver and kidney dysfunction, but also invade the central nervous system of the brain, causing a series of symptoms of the corresponding central nervous system.
After the new coronavirus invades the lungs, lungs will show different degrees of consolidation. At this time, the alveoli would be damaged, which may affect the normal breathing of people. Some patients have mild symptoms, such as dry cough, fever, fatigue, and they can recover after a week. In severe cases, patients may even develop respiratory failure, which is life-threatening.

Buy At Home Nebulizer Machine For Sale

Buy At Home Nebulizer Machine For Sale

Bluetooth Home Nebulizer

OMRON C28-T features its bluetooth record function. Bluetooth nebulizers can largely solve the problem to the point that patients cannot accurately describe the state of home nebulizer therapy to doctors in traditional diagnosis. With bluetooth pairing function, the machine objectively and quantitatively keep the records of medication and transmits these data to the phone. This can assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment during following up visits.

Handheld Nebulizer  

Andon Air Plus 2 is well-known for its handhold design. The whole device only takes 5.6cm*4.2cm *9.8cm with an ergonomic body, weighing 106g. Such a mini size and light weight allows nebulizer therapy to take place anytime and anywhere. Absolutely, to support its portability, the battery can sustain 10 times of therapies continuously, with only one time charging.

Professional Home Nebulizer With Handle

Cofoe WHQ07 is compatible with various prescription nebulizers from hospital. According to different liquid medicines and conditions, patients can adjust different mist volumes. This is conducive to better absorption of liquid medicines.

Fine Nebulizer For Home Therapy

Yuwell 403H is good at fine nebulization. The median diameter of nebulization is 3.9µm, which is small enough to reach bronchus and even lungs. Undoubtedly, this is the savior of those who suffer from bronchitis and even pneumonia.

Besides, it is very compact to fit household use. Anti-slip pads ensure stable placement of the machine.

Professional Fine Nebulizer for Baby

Moreover, PARI JUNIORBOY 0741 is famous for its fine nebulization and anti-choking injector. Managing to reach the bronchus of babies and pulmonary alveoli of adults, this device fines its nebulization particles into 2.9µm. And, the material of the mask is the same as a baby rubber nipple, bringing comfort to the baby. Professional, the anti-choking injector is based on PIF technology. When the baby inhales, the valve of injection opens to deliver medical aerosol. Accordingly, during exhalation, the valve of inject would close to avoid medical flow, while another valve for releasing exhaled breath would open. This not only avoids choking due to forcible medical injection during exhalation, but also avoids inhalation of the last breath.

Which nebulizer is best for home use?

Which nebulizer is best for home use?

We highly recommend the bluetooth home nebulizer. When it comes to home nebulizer therapy, professional guides from doctors and skillful care of nurses are no longer accessible. However, these two issues are critical for therapy effect and safety.

Injector with V.V.T technology greatly avoids choking so as to ensure therapy safety at home. What’s more, the bluetooth function can deliver the therapy data to the phone so that the data can be well organized and saved. This acquaints doctor with enough detail of each home therapy during follow-up visit so that he can make proper decision about therapeutic regimen for the next stage.

What Should I look For In Nebulizer?

What Should I look For In Nebulizer?

Professionality As Hospital Service

It is because home nebulizer therapy takes place in household without any nurse available, nebulizer should burden the job which not just common device can do but also nurse can do, such as keeping therapy record and ensuring therapy safety.

Fine Nebulization

The fineness of nebulization decides the depth which the medical can reach into the body. The particles with 10-15 µm diameter can reach the upper respiratory tract. And, the particles with 5-10 µm diameter can approach trachea. Further, the particles with 2-5 µm are able to go deep into the bronchus and even pulmonary alveoli. In response to rational consumption, you can review which part of your respiratory system was frequently infected before buying. Based on your review, you can choose the machine with proper nebulizing fine accordingly. In the way, it balances therapy effect and therapy cost.

Household Adaptability

The size, shape, weight and voice are important factors to fit it to be household. The size must not be too large to put in the common house. Also, a handle or handheld shape is necessary for easing moving. Moreover, weight should be light. Last but not least, voice should not be too loud to disturb your family life.

Is it good to have a nebulizer at home?

Is it good to have a nebulizer at home?

It is very convenient to have a nebulizer at home. However, you should notice that doctor’s advice is indispensable for curing illness about the respiratory system. Only if you follow the above tips, home nebulizer therapy is beneficial to your safety and health.

  • Get a prescription from a certified doctor
  • Buy the right medicine
  • Buy professional home nebulizer with e-communication function
  • Eat medicine at the right time and the right dose. Conduct home therapy with right medical dosage, dose rate and right time
  • Keep follow-up visit, carrying your therapy record

We advocate those

  1. with asthma, variant cough, and post-infectious cough
  2. need long-term treatment

have nebulization therapy at home. Firstly, it can avoid cross-infection inside the hospital. Secondly, you can save time in queuing and transportation.

For infants and young children, home nebulization therapy can alleviate their fear and resistance to nebulization in the hospital. Therefore, this can improve the cooperation of treatment and achieve better therapeutic effects.


All in all, we hope the above guidance can help you get your proper home nebulizer. Meanwhile, if there is any idea on quantity production against your new nebulizer design, please leave messages to us. Let’s cooperate and build a safeguard against infectious respiratory diseases.

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