Top 5 High Frequency Therapy Devices for Skin Care

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Top 5 High Frequency Therapy Devices for Skin Care

This text will share five good designs of high frequency therapy devices, which were ordered in a large amount to medical device manufacturers. All of them can be used at home.

History of High Frequency Therapy Devices for Skin Care

In 1892, French biophysicist Dasonval, who has worked in the field of electrotherapy, introduced the use of high-frequency currents to treat skin and mucous membrane diseases. Therefore, high frequency is usually called Darsonval high frequency current.
In 1970, European spas and beauty salons discovered the function of high-frequency current in makeup and treatment. In 1980, the technology was widely used by skin care experts in North America.

●High frequency therapy devices Equipped with Different Wands

●Device Equipped with Different Wands

This machine features different wands. There are six shape of wands respectively filled with Neon and Argon.

Neon Wand 

Neon wand, which is good at improving blood flow, are designed in three shapes. Firstly, the mushrooms shape is for cheeks, forehead and jawline. Prior to use it, it is advisable to apply pharmaceutical skin cream, which is suitable to your skin symptom. With the mushroom wand, the medicine increase the absorption into the skin. Secondly, Y-shape wand is used for neck, arms and legs which can be put in between. Thirdly, comb shape wand is used to energize hair follicles and promote blood circulation.

Argon Wand

It is for effective and natural acne treatment and it reduce healing time by up to 90%. There are also three shapes. The first one is tongue which can spot treat acne and pimples. It usefully reduce their appearance and severity much quicker. The second one is rod which is ideal for treating body, forehead and other broader areas. The third one is bent. It mainly used for acne and other skin imperfections, especially small areas lkie crevices around the nose and lip.

It is recommended to cycle the use of neon wand and argon, so acne would recovery in a shorter period.

●2 in 1 Device with Two Facet Rollers

2 in 1 Device with Two Facet Rollers

Two end of this device is configured by roller and RF seeker.


The facet roller can rotate flexibly under the mode of vibration massage. With 58.8°precise angle of inclination, user can relax its facial muscles in a contouring way.


The seeker with eight heads fit the facial curve a lot. Besides, RF energy wave reaches the dermis layer to activates collagen. There are two modes, EMS and radio frequency, for this seeker. User can enjoy great collagen production with this.

●Multi-functional Device for Home

●Multi-functional Device for Home

This machine offer a Med-spa for tightening skin. 8.66*8.66*5.37 inches size and 3.9 pounds make it very suitable for household. Simple cable and clear button allow a easy management of device for users. Besides, an groove design provide a stable and tidy organization to the probe wand.

In addition, there is two probe in different size. One is for body, the other is for face. It is very easy to replace and install them into the wand.

●Portable high frequency therapy devices

●Portable Device

This high frequency therapy device for skin care enjoy popularity due to its small size and light weight, which only takes 5.51*4.33*1.97 inches and 8.1 ounces. You can even carry it in your handbag that you usually use for shopping.

What’s more, for the design, it is very nice to put the rotary knob in the end of the whole device. This not only keep a slim shape for the products, but also offer a good hand-feel for user during therapy.

●4 in 1 Device Just in Small Size

●4 in 1 Device Just in Small Size

Although this one is bigger than the last one, it is fully versatile. Firstly, it can offer electronic pulse to promote the absorption of the skin care products like toning, essence and gels. Secondly, under EMS mode, it is capacity of reducing lines and winkles, soothing acne and redness on the face skin. Thirdly, if you choose RF modes, you can enjoy skin stimulation due to the penetrated heat into the deep skin. Finally, vibration modes provides you with a firm facial muscle based on the principle of massage power.

All these effect can realize in one machine in the size of 9.76 x 6.06 x 3.46 inches. That’s really useful.

Questions You May Ask

Where Is High Frequency Used?

Where Is High Frequency Used?

Broadly speaking, high frequency therapy device can be used in orthopedics department, neurology department and skin care in hospital or at home. Orthopedic disease like fracture, dislocation, arthritis and  lumbar disc herniation can be treated by high frequency therapy device based on the advice of certified doctor. Moreover, nervous disease like neuralgia, facial paralysis and sequelae of herpes zoster. Through the warming effect, the micro-vessels can be dilated and the local blood circulation can be promoted.

In addition, skin problem, such as herpes, acne, eczema and scar, can be healed by high frequency therapy device at home, too. It is good at promoting blood circulation. For scar recovery, it mainly enhances wound healing by stimulating enzyme activity and improving oxidation process.

Who Should Not Use High Frequency Wand?

Who Should Not Use High Frequency Wand?

Patients with cardiac pacemakers need to pay attention to the position of the electrode pads during defibrillation. Pacemakers are usually sensitive to magnetic fields. After the pacemaker is installed, if you are exposed to MRI, it may affect the normal operation of the pacemaker. Moreover, there is a certain interference with the heart stent.

If spark therapy is performed on delicate skin, glass electrodes should be wrapped with gauze cloth. Thus, the electric current penetrates the skin through the gauze so as to reduce the irritation of the electric current to the skin. For spark operations, it takes at most 10 seconds to each part.

Pregnant women are forbidden to use.

Before use, you should install the glass electrode first, and then press the switch. The current intensity is supposed to change from weak to strong.

Patient with pigmentation and freckle skin should not use this device

Do at Home High Frequency Devices Really Work?

Do at Home High Frequency Devices Really Work?

The high-frequency instrument can also be called a high-frequency electrotherapy machine. It can generate continuous high-voltage high-frequency oscillating current, which causes its electrodes to discharge and emit ultraviolet rays.

How it works is not complicated. When the electrode is close to the skin, it will stimulate the nerves, blood vessels and receptors of the skin. Correspondingly, local peripheral blood vessels contract and expand alternately, thereby improving blood circulation and strengthening nutrient metabolism.

Secondly, it can ionize the oxygen in the air to generate ozone, which has the effect of sterilization and disinfection. In this way, the broken wound on the skin heals better.

Additionally, high-frequency therapy device can be used to treat various skin diseases such as acne, rosacea, chronic eczema and pruritic skin diseases if the drug is applied to the affected area.

What Are the Benefits of High-frequency?

You can enjoy a med-spa at home with a safe high frequency device in high quality. Besides, high frequency therapy is a non-invasive method to heal skin disease.

What Should I Look for When Buying a High Frequency Machine?

What Should I Look for When Buying a High Frequency Machine?

Most importantly, we advise you to get the professional guidance of your doctor, for example, you need to know how much frequency fits your disease. Secondly, check the CE mark and quality mark during your purchasing. Finally, your budget should not be ignored.


Whether you are a purchasing engineer of trading company or a patient looking for high frequency therapy devices, this text must be give you some inspiration. Please feel free to leave message to us.

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