EKG Machine Purchasing Guide for Med-tech Merchant

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EKG Machine Purchasing Guide for Med-tech Merchant

This text will introduce what EKG machine is and recommend some good product designs according to our rich experiment on med-tech OEM. Of course, comparisons will be made so as to distinguish their target consumers in retail market.

What Does EKG Machine Do?

What Does EKG Machine Do?

PCB Design in Main Body

The main body of the electrocardiograph can be divided into input circuit, lead selection, amplification circuit, pen drive, paper feeding part, and procedure control part.

The input circuit must have a relatively high input impedance, such as a buffer amplifier. In addition, it is necessary to equip with protection circuits.

The lead selection circuit usually consists of a selection switch and a resistor network. Different resistance combinations are selected by selecting switches, so as to select different leads. Last but not least, lead selection can be controlled by manual or procedure setting.

Amplifiers can be divided into pre-amplifiers, post-amplifiers and power amplifiers. The pre-amplifier is generally composed of a differential amplifier to obtain a higher common-mode rejection ratio. The components for it must be low-noise. From a safety point of view, it is often made in the form of electrical isolation.

The post-stage amplifier mainly performs circuit amplification and filters the signal to obtains specific frequency. This includes RC coupling circuits, latching circuits, gain selection, cutoff frequency and 50 Hz notch. Besides, power amplifiers and recorders are connected together to form a feedback system. In this way, it can provide enough power to push the pen, which is used for the built-in printer to draw the ECG line. Of course, the speed of the paper feeder must keep appropriate pace to draw an accurate ECG.

Working Principle

In short, the electrocardiogram machine is to lead the electricity of human body out, delivering it into the machine and then print it out. These electrodes will not discharge the body. So electrocardiogram is a painless, non-invasive, repeatable testing program, which will not cause any damage to the body.

The red, yellow and blue electrodes on the limbs serve two purposes. On the one hand, the limb leads represent voltages at the shoulders bilaterally and at the pubic symphysis. On the other hand, the three leads in the chest leads form the center point. The other black electrode is grounded, which can reduce the interference on the ECG. Moreover, the six ball electrodes on the chest are generally used for the location of cardiac lesions and the change of local voltage.

What Is the Difference Between Cardiac Monitoring and a 12 Lead EKG?

What Is the Difference Between Cardiac Monitoring and a 12 Lead EKG?

Usually, people confuse cardiac monitor with EKG machine.

Cardiac Monitoring generally, without storage capacity, plays a role of 24-hour dynamic detection. If any abnormal situation occurs during the monitoring process, an alarm will be issued immediately. Therefore, it is suitable for intensive care units(ICU), ambulances and operating rooms.

However, EKG machine is mainly used to record the ECG for a short period of time to analyze whether the heart is healthy.

What Are 3 Types of ECG Monitoring?

What Are 3 Types of ECG Monitoring?


①Home EKG Machine With 12 Leads

ECG equipment with more than 7 leads can record and reflect heart dynamics relatively completely. Compared to single-lead products that can only diagnose a small number of arrhythmias, multi-lead ECG expands the diagnosis rate of arrhythmias. At the same time, patients with coronary heart disease, hyperlipidemia, and diabetes are also taken care in the scope of its detection capabilities.

This greatly expands the applicability of the product. Therefore, it is easier to obtain the approval of hospitals and doctors. It is also convenient for doctors to accurately grasp the condition so as to give proper solutions.

② Home EKG Machine With Printer

Some professional EKG machines are configured a little printer. They offer convenience for patients to print out their electrocardiographs with ease.


③ Bluetooth EKG Machine With Two Modes

Although the machine contains just two patches with one lead, it does well in both cardiac monitoring mode and EKG mode with the help of bluetooth. After pairing to the bluetooth, the machine connects to a specific app which can control the mode of machine according to your orders in fingertips.

④Wireless EKG Machine by Finger Pressing

Similarly, it is based on bluetooth as the above machine. The shape of the machine is as a short stick. You just need to press the two ends of machine tightly, waiting for thirty minutes. A completed EKG will be showed on your phone.

⑤Wearable Cardiac Monitoring for Sport

The reason why we pick this cardiac monitoring device here is its wearable design. An elastic tape that fits human chest links two ends of the device.

Before sport, just put it on near your heart and pair to bluetooth of phone. The device will record the heart rate variation and strain during training. After finishing training, the app on your phone will generate graphic report for this training.

This wearable design offers accuracy monitoring, which is better than fitness tracking.

⑥Portable Mini EKG Machine

The most mini EKG Machine we have seen in the OEM order is as big as a watch without watchband. Just put it on your chest after you link it to your phone by USB cable. The EKG will be showed and recorded on your phone.  

EKG Machine With Multiple Signals

⑦Stethoscope EKG Machine

Stethoscope EKG machine feeds back sound signals from ear-cap and graphic signals from phone screen.This is very useful for doctor to estimate the risk of heart health in just few minutes, so that he can arrange professional testing program accordingly.

Are portable EKG Machines Accurate?

Are portable EKG Machines Accurate?

(Remark: Higher score means better performance about the factors.)

Each coin has two sides. In other words, portable EKG machine, which is designed in a light weight and small size, is limited the availability to many parts contributing to accuracy, to some degree. It is advisable for us to find a balance between portability and accuracy. After all, each type of EKG has its target consumer in retail market.

Type ① :Patients who have unhealthy heart and who need frequent EKG testing.

Type ② :Middle aged people who have a risk of unhealthy heart and who are bad at using smart phone.

Type ③ :Young people with risky regular hours for heart due to frequent overwork.

Type ④ :People who pay less attention to heart health due to busy work.

Type ⑤ :Sportmen who want a good monitor of their heart health.

Type ⑥ :People who are still healthy but want a good monitor of their heart.

Type ⑦ :Doctors in hospital.



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