Top 8 Home Blood Pressure Monitors in 2023

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Top 8 Home Blood Pressure Monitors in 2023

Since Stephen, an English doctor, invented the blood pressure monitors which were based on mercury and glass tubes in 17 centuries, blood pressure monitors have been widely used and developed from generation to generation. Nowadays, with the coming of IoT age, blood pressure monitors can be domesticated with data storage and data delivery to the professional who is remote from home. Thus, the home blood pressure monitor was born and enjoyed great popularity. Lots of manufacturers started to attach much importance to home blood pressure monitors.

Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors of 2023

Best Home Blood Pressure Monitors of 2023

Bluetooth Home Blood Pressure Monitor with Portability | MOKO MEDTECH

This blood pressure monitor is embedded with a Bluetooth chip. It takes advantage of the wireless transmission function of Bluetooth to realize the wireless transmission of measurement data. The user can upload each blood pressure test data to the mobile phone, recording and summarizing the blood pressure data. Undoubtedly, it brings convenience to the doctor’s review during the next follow-up visit. Meanwhile, the handle and mini size suit the household using a lot.

Mini Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor | Cofoe

KF-75Cplus adopts the oscillometric method, also called the oscillation method. In other words, the sphygmomanometer pressurizes the cuff to the point where it blocks blood flow in the brachial artery, and then slowly depressurizes it. At this time, small pulses of sound and pressure will be heard in the arm. It is the small pulse of sound and pressure that will be sensed automatically by the home blood pressure monitors. Meanwhile, this device is also capable of recognizing diastolic and systolic blood pressure.

Voiced Home Blood Pressure Monitors with Bandage Abnormality Reminder | Yuwell

Voice Broadcasting Function

The principle of the electronic voice system of this YE660AR is actually not complicated. Firstly, connect the circuit of the sphygmomanometer to the circuit of the voice system. Then, a speaker is embedded in the voice circuit.

When the blood pressure result needs to be broadcast to the patient, the data signal generated by the circuit of the sphygmomanometer will be output to the voice circuit system. Then, the voice circuit generates an audio signal so as to output to the speaker for sound.

In the voice circuit, the voice chip is the most important. Its role is to store and output pre-recorded corresponding vocal records.

Bandage Abnormality Reminder

Thanks to the voice broadcast function of YE660AR, elder with bad eyesight can access the testing result.

Moreover, this home blood pressure monitor can adjust whether the position of the strap is correct to avoid inaccurate measurements. Furthermore, if the user moves inadvertently during the measurement, the device will also remind in time.

Blood Pressure Monitors with Twin Displays | OMRON

The Omron J753 Blood Pressure Monitor features two personal data management systems and a large, clear, illuminated screen. The large screen is equipped with a backlight, solving the problem of reading data in dark scenes.

Twin big screen can display the before and after blood pressure measurement values together for easy comparison. In this way, the user can understand the blood pressure cycle more conveniently. What’s more, it can independently store blood pressure data for two people with total capacity of 2*100 groups data.

Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor in Mini Size | Yuwell

Compared to mini wrist blood pressure monitor, YE630CR focuses on upper arm blood pressure testing, which is more precise according to clinical research. Surprisingly, YE630CR is optimized against its size, which is very nice and compact for household. It saves space and is easy to operate, which greatly meets the requirements of the majority of elderly patients.

The measurement principle of the arm-mounted home blood pressure monitor is the same as that of the mercury blood pressure monitor. Even, its test data will be more accurate and more varied, including data that measures heart rate.

Cloud-base Home Blood Pressure Monitor | OMRON

It has cloud synchronization of measurement data. In other words. As long as the family’s mobile phones can be connected to the Internet, the measurement results will be accessible for them after the measurement is completed. Furthermore, users can also share measurement results, current status and historical data with your family, friends or doctors by email or Whatsapp.

Even, on the software, you can create a family health group, add relatives and friends, so that you can easily set and send a timing remind for family members to measure blood pressure. This greatly facilitates health and caring between family members.

Fine Home Blood Pressure Monitor | OMRON

If you valve the preciseness of testing result, this HEM-7127 can perfectly meet your demand with three verification of famous association. They are certification of AAMI, ESH, BHS.

Upper Arm Cylinder Sphygmomanometer | OMROM

OMROM HEM-1000 is an upper arm cylinder sphygmomanometer with good precision. Firstly, it is unnecessary for a user to wrap his arm, just putting the arm into the cylinder. The problem of non-conforming tightness of the strap is avoided, thereby reducing measurement errors. Secondly, it has an angle sensor to measure to ensure the most suitable posture of the arm.

How Reliable Are Home Blood Pressure Be Taken?

How Reliable Are Home Blood Pressure Be Taken?

Don’ worry. Some certificates can help you identify the reliability of the device among the market. For retail stores, you can trust the home blood pressure with AAMI, ESH, BHS verification mark. For OEM sourcing, we advise you to select manufacturers with ISO13485 and ISO9001 mark.

How to Pick a Home Blood Pressure Monitor?

How to Pick a Home Blood Pressure Monitor?

In addition to reliability above, it is advisable to consider its size, portability, simple operation and IoT function, such as bluetooth. These factors are all closely related to it home adaptability.


For the whole society, the development of medical devices makes great contributions to ensure the health of people. MOKO MEDTECH hopes that more and more people can benefit from suitable and upgrade home blood pressure monitors.

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