Fukushima Waste Water Release: Do I Need A Radiation Detector For Food?

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Fukushima Waste Water Release: Do I Need A Radiation Detector for Food

According to BBC news, we find that Fukushima Waste Water Release has been a hot issue all over the world. Since tsunami severely damaged the nuclear plant in 2011, more than 1 million tons of treated wastewater has stored there. Japan started emissions program on Aug. 24. It will take 30 years to finish all the emissions program. As a medical device manufacturer which have engaged in healthcare field for above ten years, we think precaution action is very significant, while excessive worry is unnecessary. That means, if there is bad effect, we are able to be confident when facing it due to the precaution measures we have taken before. If there is no any bad effect, we will feel happy just like things haven’t happen before. Besides, we will introduce radiation detector for food for someone needed.

Some Precaution Measures for You

 High Risk AreaMiddle Risk Area Low Risk Area
Relaxing mood
Home food detector  
Regular health test
Anti-cancer Diet 

People in the Area near Japan

Firstly, just don’t be anxiety. If any required, ask for psychological counseling to keep mental health. Secondly, you can prepare a home food detector with radiation testing function. It is advisable to test the raw fish, seafood and seaweed after eating. Thirdly, remember to schedule health examination with your doctor in a regular basic. If the reports show any risk at health, it is necessary to inquiry your doctor as soon as possiple.

People in the Area not far from Japan

Regular health examination is required to ensure your health. Besides, you can eat some healthy food to prevent radiation sickness and cancer.

· various radiation hazards mainly affect the bone marrow and human brain, as well as damage the human immune system. The nutrition of black sesame can enters the kidneys. Eating more kidney-tonifying foods can enhance the body’s cellular immunity and humoral immunity, so it effectively protect sustainable health.

· Tomatoes contain lycopene, which can form a natural barrier on the surface of the skin by quenching free radicals that invade the body. It can effectively reduce the damage of radiation to the skin.

· Tea polyphenols in green tea can reduce the adverse effects of various radiation on the human body.

· Celery is also a very healthy vegetable with high vitamin C content. It can reduce the risk of cancer.

People in other Area

For the moment, it is not very urgent to buy a radiation detector special for food. You just need to keep track on local news and have a good understanding of how the releasing programme is going on.

Moreover, know more about the risks and transmission routes of nuclear contamination. Nuclear contamination is mainly transmitted through air, water and food. The discharge of nuclear wastewater in Japan may cause high pollution risk at the marine environment, so we should try to avoid eating untested seafood from contaminated origin area.

What is Radiation Detector for Food?

Food radiation detector detects the radiation level based on the interaction between radiation and special matter inside the device.

For Alpha, Beta, Gamma radiation rays, food radiation detectors detect radiation levels by measuring ionizing radiation. When this radiation passes through the detector, it interacts with the gas molecules in the instrument, causing an ionization effect. These ionization effects create electron. Then, electrodes in the detector collect and convert them into electrical signals, which detect the food’s radiation levels.

For neutron radiation, the food radiation detector can detect it. As neutrons pass through the instrument, they are scattered by atomic nuclei in the material inside the instrument. By detecting the scattering effect, radiation detectors can obtain accurate results of food radiation levels.

Radiation Detectors for Food Highly Recommended(If needed)

Bluetooth Smart Food Dectectors At-Home

This type of food dectector is very nice for household. Differing from the complex machine in lab, this device is very use-friendly with its mini size and easy operation. For example, you just need to choose radiation mode and stab the raw food by its needles. After a few minutes, the data will be showed in the display. And, this device is capable of judging the risk level of the food. If you don’t know any standard valve of the any index, just see the color showed on the display. Green is for passing. Yellow is for warning. Red means the food is below the safety standard in that index. In this case, we advise you to stop eating that batch of food and contact local food safety office. Don’t forget to keep samples for further professional testing by food safety office.

In addition to testing food radiation, other index like nitrate,water TDS testing can be monitored by this device. It is so versatile that it can fully ensure food safety for your whole family.

More and more, it is equipped a timer and Bluetooth module. This is very helpful to convey the food testing data to the smart phone and save them in a organized way.

Portable Mini Radiation Detectors for Food

This type of food radiation detector features portable and non-invasion. Pen-shape design make it convenient to clamp in your pocket. Besides, when starting testing food radiation, you just need to approach it to the food without any destruction on the food surface.

Meanwhile, it can show you the data and make a judgement on whether the food is safety. Last but not least, this little food detector offers two charging way to us. One is USB charging, the other is lithium battery. This fully takes care of the requirement of people who always stay outdoor.


Sustainable health is a key topic in our whole life. And this is the reason why we effusively write about food safety knowledge and medical device introduction. If you want to purchase or customize food safety device, please feel free to contact us. We hope we can shine somewhere ignored by others in food safety field.

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