10 Best Nebulizer Company in the Medtech OEM Market

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10 Best Nebulizer Company in the Medtech OEM Market

No matter Covid-19 or Canadian firework smoke, nature disaster taught us a serious lessons on protecting environment and lung health. Then, recent decades witnessed a fast develop progress in nebulizer OEM market due to the raising awareness toward respiratory disease. So, today let’s explore it and share with best nebulizer company among it.

What is nebulizer?

What is nebulizer?

A nebulizer turns the medicine from a liquid into a mist so that you can breathe it into your lungs.

There are two types of nebulizers: household desktop style and portable style. Home atomizers are larger in size, and you are required to plug them into an electrical outlet before switching it on. By comparison, portable atomizer is convenient in power supply design. Most of them not only run on batteries, but also adaptable to a car outlet. In terms of size, some nebulizers with portability are only a little bigger than cards so that you can carry them in a handbag.

If you want a private nebulizer, you should get a prescription from a certified doctor. Some people choose to receive respiratory therapy in the doctor’s office.

Home atomizers cost about of 50 dollars in retail market, containing the cost of accessories. Portable nebulizers are usually a little more expensive than household ones.

Health insurance policies often include when you buy a nebulizers. If there is any problem in its durable period, don’ forget to ask for help firstly. However, most insurers want you to work with a specific supplier. Thus, check with your insurance company on the coverage before buying or renting a nebulizer.

Trendy Designs of Nebulizer in Market

Trendy Designs of Nebulizer in Market

Kid Nebulizer

Kid-friendly design enjoys great popularity in nebulizer market  nowadays. Cartoon design helps your child use the nebulizer without fear and reluctance to treatment. It comes with an adjustable cup to adjust the amount of atomization so as to fit the breath speed of children. The generated aerosol is comfortable and mild. Besides, the treatment process is as natural as breathing, avoiding coughing and choking.

IoMT Nebulizer

Inserted Bluetooth module, smart nebulizer is capable of taking part in the Internet. The record which you leave after each therapy will be transport to smart phone and well saved, including starting time, duration, date. Last but not least, the power consumption of Bluetooth function is in low level. It is really a good design to collect therapy data as a useful reference for your doctor, who decide your further therapy programme.

Tabletop Nebulizer At Home

Tabletop nebulizers are larger devices primarily intended for home use. They require an electrical outlet to work. It’s a great option for those who rarely do therapy, or those who spend a lot of time at home with less busy lives. Although the desktop option is heavier and not suitable for carrying around, it is still a great option for toddlers who are in frequent therapy. As they come with fun animal shapes that help keep children engaged, it can be material for children playing during therapy sessions.

Portable Nebulizer

The portable atomizer has a sleek and mini appearance, making it suitable for use anywhere. Without plugging it in, it is convenient to use it at home or take it to school, work, the gym, or hang out with friends. Thanks to its mini size, portable nebulizer is easily put into a purse or backpack, making it accessible anytime you need respiratory therapy.

Nebulizer OEM Market Profile

In recent years, homecare medical device has been vigorous in popularity and market share. At the same time, technological enhancement have boosted the public recognition of homecare medical devices. Besides, aging population, high incidence of respiratory diseases, and growing demand of cutting healthcare cost drove the trend towards homecare medical devices. The fact that home medicine is a cost-effective option compared to expensive hospital stays is expected to drive the nebulizer OEM market. What’s more, technological innovations in nebulizers OEM market aims at reducing the noise and promoting participation in network.

Regional Analysis

Regional Analysis

The above pictures suggest that nebulizer OEM market is vigorous in Asian coastal region, especially in China. Three area shows a strong cohesion towards nebulizer factories. They are all located in Pearl River Delta Yangtze River delta. Most best nebulizer company is located in these area because of convenience shipment and low cost.

10 Best Nebulizer Company in the Medtech OEM Market

MOKO Medtech OEM

MOKO Medtech OEM

As one of the best nebulizer company in China, MOKOMEDTECH is dedicated in promising customers an integrated OEM services of medtech. Our professional team offers strong support at every procedure of product manufacturing, from electronics fabrication and electromechanical assembly to finished product assembly, prototyping and series production.

Based on above ten years of experience in the medtech IoMT industry, MOKO Medtech OEM is capable of designing and building prototypes in a efficient way. Expertise enables them to offer customers with different demands the most reliable medical electronic devices. This device not only enhances their market position, but also perform well in safety, security and effectiveness.

In order to meet the strict quality requirements of medical products, they have established a strict quality control system and dust-free plant.  

Ningbo Jiangbei Ruijing Medical Equipment Co., Ltd

  • Main product: Nebulizer, incentive spirometer, electric irrigator
  • Certificate: ISO13485, CE0197, CFDA

Ningbo Jiangbei Ruijing Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a medical device company that specialized on the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of medical nebulizers and other respiratory devices.

They possess outstanding R&D team that embraces abundant experience in material and engineering. Their products have successfully exported to  South & North America, Europe, Asia Markets and Middle East.

Besides, they also take social responsibility and deeply believe user-oriented management principle. Last, they work hard in assuring product quality and in-time service.

③ Foshan Hongfeng Co., Ltd

  • Main product: compressor nebulizer, medical air mattress, wheelchair, oxygen concentrator, smart wheel chair cushion, pressure leg air massager 
  • Certificate: ISO13485

Foshan Hongfeng Co., Ltd is the joint company with a famous wheelchair factory, Guangdong Kaiyang. With over two hundreds workers, they have above twenty-year-experience in producing medical rehabilitation devices, including compressor nebulizer, medical air mattress, wheelchair, oxygen concentrator, smart wheel chair cushion, pressure leg air massager. They own two high-tech producing facilities with high energy efficiency.

④ Guangzhou Fengle Medical Technology Co., Ltd

  • Main Product: Blood Pressure Monitor, Glucose Meter, Mesh Nebulizer
  • Certificate: CE

Guangzhou Fengle Medical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer led by Guangdong fengle Group Co., Ltd. It provides sales and technical services, medical supplies, equipment production and medical technology R&D to the OEM market. They are good at dealing with  OEM and ODM order and fast delivery.

Their workshop cover about 15000 square meter, including automatic product lines and product testing equipment.

⑤ Hangzhou Universal Electronic Co., Ltd

  • Main Product: digital thermometer, infrared thermometer, digital blood pressure monitor, nebulizer, nasal aspirator
  • Certificate: CE, ISO13485, ROHS

Hangzhou Universal Electronic Co., Ltd, established in 2006. They have exported more than 100 countries, such as USA, Mexico, Poland etc. They always offer good quality control, highly competitive prices, automatic assembly for digital thermometer to save cost and keep quality, best professional team of lifestyle consumer electronics, smooth communication and effective OEM & ODM service.

⑥ Shenzhen Ninaisi Technology Co., Ltd

  • Main Product: nebulizer, ultrasound, biopsy needle guide, fetal monitor & patient monitor accessories.
  • Certificate: CE

Shenzhen Yuvince Technology Co.,Ltd is the professional company in China. It specializing in R&D, production and sales. They are dedicated to offering innovative and cost-effective solutions to our customers.

⑦ Shenzhen Urion Technology Co., Ltd

  • Main Product: nebulizer, electronic sphygmomanometers, infrared thermometers ,nebulizers and home medical devicessuch as BT and WIFI smart wear
  • Certificate: ISO13485, BSCI, RoHS, CE

Shenzhen URION Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional global home medical equipment OEM/ODM manufacturing supplier, national high-tech enterprise.


  • Main Products: nebulizer, Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, chemistry analyzer, urine analyzer, hematology analyzer, Cryotherapy Chamber
  • Certificate: ISO, CE, CFDA, RoHS

Located in hongkong, EASTAK INTERNATIONAL CO.,LIMITED is the trade office of LANNX BIO&MED. LANNX, an excellent medtech manufacturer in China, owns two factories. It mainly works on medical device manufacture and exporting, aiming to be best one-stop medical device suppliers.

They export medical product with good quality and good price to world’s wholesaler. They not only offer OEM serivce but also provide outsourcing service. 

⑨ Honsun (Nantong) Co.,Ltd

  • Main product: nebulizer, digital blood pressure monitor, oral irrgator
  • Certificate: CE

Hongsun started the production of sphygmomanometer and stethosope since 1993. They have plenty of products range, strong capability in R&D and rich experience in OEM & ODM service.

⑩ Joytech Healthcare Co., Ltd

  • Main production: digital thermometer, infrared thermometer, compressor nebulizer
  • Certificate: BSCI, ISO13485, CE, RoHS

Joytech was established in 2002 with 20-year-experience that devoted in home medical equipment OEM & ODM. It covers an area of 6000 square meters with more than 2000 employees. In particular, there are 100 people in R&D team and 300 people in sales and supply chain departments.


Lots of developed designs and reliable factories surged in the nebulizer market. With this text, we hope you can gain new understanding of the OEM market and source the best nebulizer company that you want. If you want to know any other issues about medical devices, please leave messages and feel free to contact us.

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