Top 4 Portable Electrical Stimulation Machine

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Top 4 Portable Electrical Stimulation Machine

Portable electrical stimulation machine has gained improving popularity in recent years. We can start this story from your long-time sitting in the office.

What is electrical stimulation machine used for?

What is electrical stimulation machine used for?

Electrical stimulation can relax your intense muscles and bring you a painless feeling. Its therapy function exactly hit the trouble of most office workers.

As a common worker, we have to sit before the computer for a long time with limited space. Thus, our neck and shoulder should be fixed to support the sitting post. The muscles around the neck and shoulder are under weak circulation. Finally, they will get tired and in pain because of long-time contraction.

Seriously, the data of shoulder and neck pain has developed in a stable way. Google trend suggests that the attention to people on shoulder and neck pain has moderately enhanced from 2006 to 2021. Although 2022 witnesses a decline of the data, the extent is too small.

Do electric muscle stimulator really work?

Do electric muscle stimulator really work?

It seems that neck and shoulder pain have become a mainstream problem for the office all over the world. People seek a solution to heal, while they put forwards the confusions on the therapy effectiveness of muscle stimulator.

Stimulation Machine Against Shoulder and Neck Pain

Excluding bad quality products, stimulation machine are very good at relaxing your muscles to relieve the pain. 

Electrical stimulation raises pseudoreflex and triple response, which can boost blood circulation and ease muscle inflammation. When the current is applied to the surface of the shoulder and neck, the afferent nerves are electrically stimulated to the dorsal horn of the spinal cord. The excitatory signal then travels out of the nerve, causing the arterioles in the skin to dilate. In addition, when the skin is stimulated, it releases histamine, substance P and acetylcholine, which can make the arteries dilate. Of course, electrical stimulation itself can also directly instrument arterial dilation.

Electrical stimulation with low frequency brings rhythmic relaxation to the muscle, so blood circulation can be ensured.

Two Keys Technology of Electrical Stimulation Machine


TENS technology stimulates the pain-causing mechanism by delivering small electrical pulses. It works in three different ways. First, it blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain. Second, it boosts the production of endorphins, which is a natural pain reliever. Third, it can improve blood circulation. TENS technology can be widely used to relieve nerve, muscle or joint pain.

Such a excellent technology must be supported by professional hardware design. TENS technology mainly adopt a micro-controller as the core, and it generates the required waveform through a digital to analog converter. Then, the waveform forms a therapeutic electric wave through a DC boost circuit and a pulse output circuit. Of course, there will be a feedback protection circuit to prevent the strong pulse generated in case of the circuit malfunction from harming the human body.


EMS technology works by sending small electrical pulses directly to the muscles, causing them to contract. Muscles contract and relax repeatedly, which helps improve blood circulation. In turn, it can handle many things, such as relaxing muscles, reducing inflammation, preventing muscle wasting, speeding up muscle healing and stimulating muscle growth. Therefore, they are often recommended for muscle pain relief.

Athletes also, sometimes, use EMS to recover more quickly from injuries. Because electrical muscle stimulation allows them to re-build muscles without too much stress. Besides, it exercises muscles which they may not use frequently.

EMS technology also must be supported by professional design. It mainly contains main control circuit module, time-division multiplexing circuit and amplification circuit. The main control circuit is used to generate pulse signals according to external control instructions. Amplification circuit is used to increase the voltage. Then, the time-division multiplexing circuit can receive the voltage output by the amplifying circuit just now. Next, under the control of the main control circuit, it outputs electrical stimulation signals through different stimulating electrodes in different time periods.

Which type of electrical stimulation is portable?

Which type of electrical stimulation is portable?

Seeing lots of types of portable electrical stimulation machine, we share some common features for portability of them as follows.

Mini Size

When we think of portability, the mini size must be the priority. For electrical stimulation, mini main device is very important.

Mini Storage Bag

In order to ease carrying, some electrical stimulation machines are equipped with mini storage bags. Try to think about that. You carry a main device, a charge cable and converter, and a few cables which link small pads. No matter how small they are, it is still too inconvenient to realize true portability. Why not put all of them into a small bag with internal division design?


To improve portability, some electrical stimulation is equipped with bluetooth module for easy control by mobile phone. On one hand, this simplifies the button on the main device. The button can be moved to the screen of mobile phone when bluetooth is connected. On the other hand, mobile phone is an electronic product with strong portability, matching to the features of portable electrical stimulation.

Top 4 Highly recommended Products

Top 4 Highly recommended Products

We sourced top 4 stimulation products for your reference. Although they are in different end of market or different sales mode, all of them are equipped with professional technology and nice portability.

Retail Brand (B2C)

PowerDot by Therabody

As the picture shows, the design of appearance is very handy and tiny. And the protective carrying case is very nice. Bluetooth module is equipped. It seems that everything is ready to carry.

Besides, PowerDot is a reliable brand acquired by Therabody, which has engaged in the therapy field since 2009. And it received lots of awards, such as GQ Fitness Awards 2021 and Wellness Power Player 2021.


From the perspective of features, electrical muscle stimulator from MASTOGO is similar to PowerDot, excepting for the linkage between pads and the main device. PowerDot chooses cable to link them, while MASTOGO uses fastener.

OEM Brand (B2B)


MOKO MEDTECH is an OEM factory with ISO13485 verification. It is good at manufacturing the key components of electrical muscle stimulator, such as PCB and bluetooth module. This dazzled buyers in the field of therapy device.


Shenzhen AsTec technology Co., Ltd. It is sub branch of AsTec Group Ltd(HK), which specialized in healthcare and massager product including electronic pulse massager, EMS muscle stimulator, foot massager and so on.



If you are purchasing clerk of healthcare brand, who suffers from shoulder and neck pain due to long-time sitting in office, why not ask for a sample of portable electrical stimulation machine from us to heal yourself first and then to further heal your retail customer?

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