Top 10 Home-gym Training Equipment Via IoT

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Top 10 Home-gym training Equipment via IoT

As a home gym equipment manufacturer which sees various devices orders every day, we find that many people get used to thinking of equipment in big size such as treadmill when it comes to home-gym training equipment via IoT. More than a home gym equipment supplier, we select some small training equipment, from our hot sales list, that really suit home gym, with wifi or bluetooth function available.

Old-man-friendly home-gym training equipment Via IoT

Old-man-friendly home-gym training equipment Via IoT

With the aging of population, home-gym training equipment via IoT which is friendly to old people enjoys more and more popularity.   

Smart Mini Stepper

Exercise Approach

Using a smart mini stepper is not difficult for old people. First, try to swing the arms to your best with your regular breath so as to keeping coordination against your legs movement later. Then, squat down with your lower body. Don’t let your bent knee of one side exceed your toes, then stand up straight and resume balance between feet. The training conducted to the other side is same as follow.

If you want more difficulties, try to add drawstring. First, hold the drawstring tightly, raise one arm above the head, step one foot. Then raise the other arm above the head as you step, and put the original arm down to the waist. This approach add weight to your arms and bring your more exercise intensity.

Or, hold the drawstring tightly, when one foot is stepping, the corresponding hand is straightened forward. And the other hand is put on the waist. Then as the step is made, the other hand is straightened forward, the original hand on your waist.

Of course, the following sports modes are also possible. Grasp the drawstring tightly, and as you step, stretch your hands sideways.


It is very tidy to place it in a house with its nice appearance. Besides, stepping intensity can be set by yourself, matching to the physical fitness of old people. In this way, old people can keep fit at home safely and enjoyable, improving their mental and physical health.

Inserting original firmware module allows the fitness data to get into IoT Network. As a result, daily exercises and body state during sport are monitored in real-time so that these data can be organized and analyzed in a clear way to support a scientific fitness plan. Besides, hardware construction of this machine is reliable and stable, with two coordinate steppers. To large degrees, this ensures sport safety.

Benefits of stepping

The stepping motion twists the whole body in multiple layers, from top to bottom, left to right, front to back. It is effective to workout for the lower body, upper body, abs and heart. Besides, it enhances cardiopulmonary function and reduces excess fat.

Through the non-stop movement of the legs, the muscles of the legs and abdomen can be exercised. The stepping exercise and twisting of the waist can also exercise the parts that are not usually exercised, such as the inner and outer thighs.

Keeping stepping everyday promotes your balance ability of the body. Moreover, continuous aerobic respiration during exercise can increase lung ventilation and heart function.

Smart Leg and Arm Training Device

If it is too hard for some old people to use steppers because of long-time standing, this smart leg training device is highly recommended.

Two training methods are offered by this little device. First, users put it on the floor, and sit on a chair, bed or sofa, then ride the device just like a small bike. Second, the users put it on the table, and then hold the handles of devices to move arms in little circles.

You can regard this smart leg and arm training device as a rehabilitation robot for upper and lower limbs. It is highly recommended to the patients with upper and lower limb dysfunction caused by cerebrovascular disease, severe brain trauma or other neurological diseases, or patients who have recovered upper and lower limb function after surgery.

This smart leg and arm training device is equipped with an adjustable upper and lower limb weight-bearing system and training feedback system. More and more, users can choose multi-joint or single-joint rehabilitation training. It can not only help long-term bedridden patients to do rehabilitation, but also help elderly people to do daily exercises.

Smart Grip Strengthener

Smart Grip Strengthener

Smart grip strengthener is also known as a fitness ball, which is made of durable high-elastic material and shapes as an egg. This design provides users with a soft hand feeling.

It can exercise the firmness of the palm muscles and the flexibility of the fingers, so it suits primary strength training and rehabilitation training.

It is internally installed by pressure sensor, motion sensor and Bluetooth system. Thus, it is easy to connect with the Internet of Things, so that you can share your daily exercise results with your friends and keep records.

Smart Finger Rehabilitation

Compared to grip strengthener, smart finger rehabilitation device focuses on improving finger flexibility. It is designed for old people suffering from stroke.

It contains a main control device and a booster glove. Booster gloves include recovery gloves and data mirroring gloves. The data mirroring glove is based on the principle of plane mirror imaging to intelligently obtain the activity of normal hand as a sample moving track. The recovery glove contracts under the drive of the exhaust air flow from air pump in the main device. In this way, the fingers are driven to flexion and extension automatically and rhythmically. It increases the presence of limbs through the finger practise, and stimulates the body movement through the visual cortex to achieve more flexibility of fingers.

Through active and passive, motor imagery, task-oriented and other training, it promotes the rehabilitation of hand joints and fine motor skills. At the same time, it can promote the recovery of patients’ cognitive function, hand-eye coordination and proprioception.

Resistance Band

The Resistance band is very wonderful for old people to do daily exercises at home. First, it takes little space with foldable and light material. It is easy to move and can be taken out for rehabilitation training at any time. Second, it can rotate freely and generate corresponding resistance. The resistance of the elastic band is not the gravity of the earth, but comes from the elongation of the elastic band. Therefore, rehabilitation training can be more free and diverse. Third, the elderly can imitate many common training actions in life by using the elastic band, which is very practical and multifunctional.

Fitness home-gym training equipment Via IoT

Fitness home-gym training equipment Via IoT

Smart Roller Wheel

A roller wheel is a small pusher which builds muscles, joints, and loses weight. Meanwhile, it is used to consume fat in various parts of the body, such as the abdomen, waist, hips, and arms. Since it takes up little space with practical functions, it is convenient for home use.

In particular, the effect of tummy fitness is obvious, while the strength of the waist is enhanced. At the same time, the deltoid muscles, shoulder muscles, and chest muscles of the exerciser are developed. And the fat on the abdomen is continuously reduced. It shapes your upper body of the human body into an inverted triangle with full of energy.  

We highly recommend two training ways for you. The first approach is starting from kneeling posture. The next step is holding the handle of the roller wheel tightly with both hands. Then, push the roller wheel forward until the body is level with the ground, finally return to the original position. The second approach is harder, starting from standing posture. Followed by bending your body forward, you should hold the handle of the roller wheel tightly with both hands. Push the wheel forward until your body is parallel to the level ground. Then pull back your body to the original position.

Chest Expander

Chest expander, also known as tensioner, is a type of fitness training equipment with a spring on it. Users can pull it apart with both hands to stimulate and strengthen the chest and arm muscles.

Four training methods with chest expender are very popular. First, hold the chest expander with both straight arms and lift them up to the level of shoulder. Then pull the chest expander until the arms are in line with the body. Then revert to the original state.

Second, hold the chest expander with both arms and raise it to the top of your head, keeping your hands straight. Then pull them down until your arms are in line with your horizontal arms and shoulders. Then revert to the original state.

Third, lie on your back, lift the chest expander over your chest, and straighten your arms. Then pull the chest expander until the arms are close to the ground. Finally, reverted to the original state.

Fourth, stand upright, step on one side of the chest expander with your left or right foot, and hold the other side of the chest expander with your other hand to lift up. This action is similar to lifting a dumbbell.

Smart Body Massager

Smart body massager is installed EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulator) technology. This design not only promises the lightness and portability of the product, but also makes no noise at all during use. The bluetooth core makes sure fast and efficient reception of mobile phone instructions.

In addition to eliminating tiredness, the massager is capable of soothing general fatigue, neurasthenia, back pain, shoulder and neck pain, leg pain. It a good device to massage your muscles after exercise.

Thigh Muscle Fitness Equipment

Configured with a spring, the ergonomic thigh exercise equipment has strong elasticity and strong pressure. The non-slip pad can change direction so as to adjust the angle of the inner thigh exercise by rotating the protector. Users can enjoy this versatile device with benefits against your pelvic floor, arms, back, buttocks, thighs, and so on.

Smart Leg Muscle Stimulation Device

Smart Leg Muscle Stimulation Device

Absolutely, leg massage device for relaxing muscles is available. This device contains various levels of intensity adjustment and different pulse modes, which effectively relieves different levels of fatigue and muscle pain. Micro-current technology and low-frequency pulses have a deep effect on muscles, resulting in vital muscle and circulated blood.

Installed a smart chip and timer design, you can enjoy a professional-grade massage. With built-in a large capacity battery, you can enjoy a long period of free charge after one charge. What’s more, IoT firmware is originally inserted into the device. This will keep your relaxation data in record and share with your fitness instructor.

Is it safe and easy to use? Definitely yes. This leg muscle soothing way belongs to physical therapy with the highest voltage in 2V. Thus, there is no need to worry about getting an electric shock. You just need to wrap the intense muscles with the tape, then connect the electrodes and power up, saying goodbye to all kinds of dazzling function buttons. This is undoubtedly the best gift for home-gym.



Welcome to any inquiries about home-gym training equipment via IoT for old people or adults. We are pleased to answer your question.

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