Nebulizer for Kids: How to Make Treatment Easier

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Nebulizer for Kids: How to Make Treatment Easier

Thanks to the invention of nebulizer for kids, lots of parents can take better household care of their kids with respiratory diseases than before. Even so, professional guidance still hasn’t been widely spread to ease respiratory therapy for kids. Today, we are going to share some tips about this medical device based on our rich manufacturer experience. Hope all the families are healthy and happy.

Compared with adults, children’s respiratory tract is narrower. The surface of the lung is smaller, too. Besides, the air inhaling volume for each breath of children is not so high that they need to breath more frequently. Sometimes, they are used to breathing by noses rather than by mouths, making more medical particles leave in the nasal cavity and less in the lung. In addition, their facial skin is tender and sensitive, so proper protection is required.

Scientists have conducted research on how nebulizer and children’s bad behavior affect the therapy effect.

research on how nebulizer and children’s bad behavior affect the therapy effect
a) c) d) is a control group to see how the design of nebulizer affects the volume and position of drug accumulation. In picture a), the child uses a misfitting nebulizer mask, so we can see just few medicines enter his respiratory system. In picture c), the child uses a common nebulizer rather than a kid nebulizer. It is suggested that the accumulation effect is not bad. In picture d), a great effect is shown when the child uses a proper kid nebulizer.

Moreover, b) c) is another control group to see how infant behavior effects the drug accumulation. In b), when the child is crying during therapy, most drugs leave in his month, upper respiratory tract and stomach. For some babies with lung diseases, there is almost no treatment effect in this case. Also, too much drug comes to the stomach, which is entirely the wrong place. In contrast, if the child calms down and keeps a peaceful breath, the result is much better in picture c).

To sum up, if you want a good therapy effect, it is necessary to pick a proper nebulizer for our kids and help them keep a stable mood during treatment.

Pick Proper Kid-friendly Nebulizer

Pick Proper Kid-friendly Nebulizer

Kid Nebulizer Accessory

We highly recommend silica gel mask whose material is similar to infant pacifier. This, to the full extent, protects the tender skin and keeps perfect air tightness due to the softness and flexibility of material. Thus, less medical particles would be wasted.  

Furthermore, some masks in the market are painted as colorful fish and so on. This is a good solution to reduce fear of being covered on the face, especially for young kids.

Moderate Nebulizing Rate

For children under twelve years old, 370mg/min is a proper speed of nebulized therapy.

Fine Nebulizing Particles

The most suitable nebulizing particles for children is about 2.9μm. Please make sure of this on the package or by inquiry before picking a nebulizer for kids.

Kid-friendly Device Shell

A cute appearance of a nebulizer can greatly relax kids in the process of therapy, contributing to a good behavior of kids as well as great treatment effects.

Put the Idle Nebulizer Near Their Toy

Just create a familiar impression of the nebulizer in children’s hearts. As parents, you can put the idle nebulizer near their toy. It is advisable to guide them touch and play with the nebulizer as other toys. This is a good way to help them recognize this medical device in a natural way. Even though they just know its harmlessness by touching, it is a good basic for reducing their fear of the device.

Name the Nebulizer With Your Child

Besides, you can ask your children to give a good name to the device as a pet according to their preference. Once your children give a favourite name to the device, they feel like being a host. There would be an intangible nice relationship between the device and children.

Make up a Story to Tell Him How to Use

Just make up a proper story to introduce the whole things about nebulizer therapy in an interesting way, For example, you can describe their respiratory disease as a little monster that invades into their body and brings them bad feelings, such as cough and fever. And, the “Bunny”(Assume that it is the name of the nebulizer) is pleased to join us to fight with the monster and bring back a healthy body.

The next step is to tell them to breath in a peaceful way. Lots of children can’t get used to breathing in mist due to the sensibility of their respiratory tract, then turning to negative emotion and resistance behavior. Anticipating this situation, we can take some funny measures to help them overcome it. For example, just tell them to breath peacefully as baby fish in water. The more mist they can breath in, the more “particle fighters” can enter the war against the little monster.

Accompany Your Kid During Therapy

Accompany Your Kid During Therapy

After finishing the above metal preparation, it is the proper time to start therapy. Give them a baby chair to keep them sitting, and encourage them to wear the cute mask with cartoon images by themselves. Besides, you can also teach them to turn on the nebulizer.

In the process of nebulizer therapy, playing their favourite songs or soft songs is another good way to calm down. If their ages are too young, just hold them in your arms to offer a full sense of security.

Reward for Good Behavior

When finishing therapy, please give a reward to your children for good behavior. For example, give them a favourite snack or toy. Last but not least, don’t forget to ask them to feel whether the monster in their body is weaker than before. They may feel surprised about the treatment effect and become willing to receive therapy next time.


If you are more curious about medical devices, please feel free to leave messages and tell us what you want to know. We will select some topics from your questions to update next blog .

If you are sourcing customized nebulizer, please contact us to get a sample first. We look forward to cooperating with you. Wish good health.

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