Why Would You Use a Nebulizer?

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Why Would You Use a Nebulizer?

Lots of methods can cure respiratory disease. You may hear about oral administration, intravenous injection, powder inhaler and nebulizer therapy. As a sophisticated medical device manufacturer, we highly recommend nebulizer for therapy. If you are finding OEM, this text will inspire your design idea from the perspective of final users. If you are a consumer, this text may give you useful tips on caring for your respiratory disease.

Two Reasons Why Nebulizers Are the First Choice for Respiratory Treatments

Two Reasons Why Nebulizers Are the First Choice for Respiratory Treatments

Cure to the Point: Quick and Effective

Compared with oral drugs and intravenous fluids, nebulizer therapy is more direct and effective. Drugs that are given orally or intravenously need to circulate throughout the whole body first, then, to reach the affected area. In contrast, nebulizing drugs can go directly into the respiratory tract and act on the affected area.

For respiratory disease, nebulizer is capable of curing the infected part to the point. Where the drug settles inside the respiratory tract depends on the size of the particles produced by nebulizer. For example, particles about 5 microns mainly act on the nasopharynx, while particles about 4 microns mainly act on the trachea. Particles smaller than 3.5 microns can enter the lungs and become effective.

Less Side Effects

Thanks to its direct cure, unnecessary side effects on other organs are avoided during drug delivery, since the drug would be brought to the whole body during the absorption and circulation in other administration way. Especially for infants and young children with respiratory diseases, nebulizer is certainly a good solution.

Why Use Nebulizer Over Inhaler?

Why Use Nebulizer Over Inhaler?

Inhaler: Techniques Requirements  

Inhaler requires more complex breathing techniques to achieve its good therapeutic effects. First step, you need to shake it up hard so as to mix the medicine filled inside. Then, try your best to breath out all the air in your lungs. Next, put the nozzle part of the inhaler and wrap it with your lips. Only in this way can all the medical power come into your respiratory system without any wastage. When you start inhaling deeply, please press the bottom of the inhaler. Later, put away the inhaler and keep closing your month. Don’t breath out immediately until you count to ten seconds. After finishing the above process, please don’t forget to wash your month in case of fungal infection due to hormone medicine.

Nebulizer: Just Breath!

Compared to inhalers, the nebulizer is very friendly to the user. As long as you can breath, a nebulizer can have a wonderful effect on curing respiratory disease. Therefore, nebulizer benefits people with weak lung function, such as babies and elders with COPD, to a large degree.

The Advantages Of Using A Nebulizer

The Advantages Of Using A Nebulizer

Easy to Use: Just Breath!

No matter compressor nebulizer or mesh nebulizer you have bought, use methods are similar and simple.

The first step is to pour the liquid into the nebulizer cup, taking care not to exceed the marked line. Next, install the atomizer cup. According to your face size, you can choose a proper mask or mouthpiece. Next, plug in the nebulizer and press the switch to start using.

During therapy, all you need to do is just put on the mask or mouthpiece mask, with a sitting position and peaceful breathing.


With the development of medical device technology, smart nebulizer is occurred in the market. The traditional button for ON/OFF has been added as a function of starting the automatic cleaning of the medical cup and output tube. This not only can clean the internal part which is too narrow to reach, but also can save your time to clean.

Besides, nebulizing output rate can be adjusted by the main device which was equipped with micro-computer. Five levels of rate are available, suiting patients in any age.

Household & Portable Design Available

The past decades witnessed Covid-19, which lock-down policy was published to decrease the risk of cross infection, and Canadian wildfire smoke, which leads to poor air quality outdoor.

Therefore, we turn to thinking about household and portable medical devices for the common disease that requires long-term therapy. Taking nebulizer for example, hospital nebulizers have been evolved into a new sub-type design, nebulizer for home use.

After primary consultant, patients, who require long-term nebulizing therapy, will get the advice and prescription from a professional doctor. Traditionally, they are supposed to go to hospital for therapy frequently. If they have a household nebulizer, less energy will be spent on the way shuttling between home and therapy centers. Especially when the outdoor air is contaminated by virus or PM2.5, possessing a home nebulizer is a very necessary solution for those who have chronic respiratory diseases.



Among all the patients, infants and children are the most intractable group to receive nebulizing therapy, since they are too young to know what happens and manage their emotions by themselves.

Don’t worry. We have prepared a few solutions as follows.

  • Kid-Friendly Mask: The size and material of the mask is very important for kids to receive rebulizing therapy. Kid’s face is smaller than adult’s. Accordingly, the size of mask should be reduced in order to contour their face and ensure no leakage of nebulization. Besides, the softer the material of the mask is, the more comfortable sense it can bring to the baby whose face skin is tender and sensitive.
  • Kid-Friendly Device: More and more, aiming at releasing fear to nebulization therapy, it is a good idea to shape the outer shell into a cut image, such as a cute deer. When kids are receiving nebulizing therapy, they will be familiar with the device, just like playing with toys.
  • Kid-Friendly Output Rate: There are lots of useful designs for adjusting output rate. One way is equipping micro-computer as what we have talked in Head 3.2, the other is configuring a paddle-shift on the top of a nebulizer cup. Originally, kid’s respiratory and lungs is not so mature that quick nebulizing speed may lead to choke.
  • Smaller Nebulization Particles:
  • Besides, since infant respiratory is the small, only nebulizing particles within four microns can enter and exert wonderful effects on deep position.
  • For nebulizer, producing small particles is not a hard thing no matter based on jet principle or meshing principle


If you would like to customize a batch of nebulizers, please contact us for further samples. If you want to learn more about medical devices, please tell us what you prefer to know about. Wish you good health.

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