Asthma Due to Canadian Wildfire Smoke: How Do Nebulizers Work?

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Asthma Due to Canadian Wildfire Smoke: How Do Nebulizers Work?

The negative effects of Canadian asthma have lasted since we reported it on June 30th. Worse, the area covered by polluted air has been expanding. Thus, this text will keep track of the latest new and keep updating caring tips on related respiratory diseases. You will clearly know how do nebulizers work to help asthma to the point.

Canadian Wildfire Smoke

The picture shows east America suffers serious effects of poor air quality, resulting from Canadian wildfire. According to CNN, Chicago, Detroit, New York, St. Louis and Cleveland will be shrounded by unhealthy air, which affects approximately 70 million people as forecast. The US Centers for Disease Control and prevention suggested that these air contamination are likely to bother people with asthma, older adults and kids.

What Is Asthma?

What Is Asthma?

Inflame Airway

When people are exposed to exogenous allergens, such as wildfire smoke, antigen-presenting cells in the human body are activated and release T-cell. Then, T-cell activates B lymphocytes, mastocyte and eosinophilic granulocyte. Next, these cells secrets histamine and leukotriene, which cause hypersecretion of airway mucus. Finally, people get chronic airway inflammation.  

Sensitize Airway

The airway becomes over-sensitive than before when it faces various stimulating factors. It shrinks so hard that inflammatory mediators are released. Even epithelium is damaged.  

Make Airway Pathochemically Change

If airway inflammation attacks frequently, epithelium will pathochemically change, such as smooth muscle hypertrophy and fibrosis.

Take Measures to Save You From Asthma

·If you are healthy now, please don’t expose yourselves to polluted air for a long time. Keep your respiratory clean through washing your throat every day.

·If you have rhinibyon, sneeze and even short breath, stop staying in poor quality air. It is advisable to consult a certified doctor to take proper medicine. Keep warm if it is cold and take a regular rest.

·If you confirmed to have asthma, it is necessary to receive professional consults. If you are prescribed long-term nebulizer therapy, try to apply for a prescription containing household nebulizer and drug.

·If you are have other chronic respiratory disease, we also recommend preparing a home nebulizer, especially for residents who live in an area with poor air.

·How about an inhaler? If you have been attacked by acute asthma, ask your doctor to get one to avoid asphyxia due to bronchoconstriction from asthma. However, we still suggest nebulizer for long-run therapy because of less side effect and easy breathing technique.

How Do Nebulizers Work? -Type of Nebulizer

How Do Nebulizers Work? -Type of Nebulizer

Unfortunately, if you get asthma because of poor air quality, home nebulizer can help you a lot due to its direct medical administration.

Venturi Jet Principle – Compressor Nebulizer

Compressor nebulizers work based on Venturi Jet principle. Firstly, the built-in air compressor transmits compressed air to the small pipe mouth to form high-speed air flow. It creates so much air pressure that it can propel the drug liquid into the barrier. In this high-speed impact, the drug liquid splatters around and forms a mist, which later ejects out of the nebulizer.

Next, these nebulizing particles enter your respiratory tract directly via your breath. Due to the small particle diameter, it does not choke you like drug liquid irrigation, but deposits smoothly into the inflamed area. 

Nebulizer therapy features this direct administration and good treatment effects.

Vibrator with Mesh – Mesh Nebulizer

Compared to compressor nebulizer, the nebulizing process of mesh nebulizer is totally different, while the therapy process is almost the same.

The nebulization of mesh device will undergo two steps. Firstly, it passes through a tiny ultrasonic vibration, and then a mesh spray head. Such a process can also produce fine liquid particles, which are suitable for human inhalation.

Mesh nebulizer also enjoys popularity because of its direct administration and portability.

Ultrasonic Principle – Ultrasonic Nebulizer

As its name, ultrasonic nebulizers work based on ultrasonic principle. The built-in high-power triode of the ultrasonic atomizer amplifies the energy of the oscillating signal of the main circuit board and then transmits it to the ultrasonic chip. Then, the ultrasonic chip converts electrical energy into ultrasonic energy, which can atomize water-soluble drugs into tiny mist particles of 1um to 5um at room temperature. In other words, with water as the medium, ultrasonic directional pressure can spray the liquid into a mist.

Finally, the internal fan will spray the liquid into the patient’s airway, and then be inhaled by the patient, directly acting on the upper respiratory tract.

Since it can just act on upper respiratory tract, it is less popular than the above two types of nebulizer.

Common Prescription Drug For Asthma Nebulization Therapy

Common Prescription Drug For Asthma Nebulization Therapy

After coming out of the nebulizer, medical particles play their roles in the human body. Three types of drugs for nebulization therapy commonly occur on doctor’s prescription to treat asthma.

Dilate Bronchus

Terbutaline sulfate nebulizing solution is a β2 receptor agonist. It dilates bronchus through selective excitation of β2 receptors on the smooth muscle. Therefore, it can be used to relieve bronchospasm resulting from bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other lung diseases.

Control Bronchospasm

Inhaled ipratropium bromide solution was used as choline receptor blocker. It can inhibit the release of acetylcholine from the vagus nerve, and then inhibit the binding of acetylcholine to receptors. Finally, the bronchospasm induced by acetylcholine can be  controlled.

All In One Solution – Budesonide

1. Budesonide, a tape of hormones, inhibits a variety of inflammatory cells involved in asthma.

2. Increase the sensitivity of airway and vascular smooth muscle towards catecholamines, which can enhance airway dilation and blood vessel contraction. Thus, it relieves symptoms of asthma.

3. Stabilize microvascular leakage and reduce airway mucosal swelling.

4. Enhance airway beta-adrenergic receptor reactivity so as to relieve bronchospasm.

5. A large dose of hormone has a direct relaxation effect on bronchial smooth muscle.

Homecare Nebulizer or Go to Hospital For Therapy?

Go to HospitalHomecare Nebulizer
For the first time asthma attackSuitable for daily therapy
Suitable for acute asthma
Professional nursingSmart and IoT techcare
Shuttle between hospital and home
Expose contaminated air
Stay at home
Keep close touch with professional doctorsAdvise to book online consultant


If you want to know other knowledge about the effect of wildfire smoke pollution and respiratory disease care, tell us. If you are sourcing nebulizer and a medical device manufacturer, trying to devoted yourself to the business of healthcare, please contact us to get samples and look forward to your inquiries.

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