How to Sleep with A Portable Oxygen Concentrator?

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How to Sleep with A Portable Oxygen Concentrator

As the increasing ratio of respiratory disease, portable oxygen concentrator become more and more hot in the medical device market. Some people need them for all night sleeping. This text will introduce how to sleep with a portable oxygen concentrator and give some relative tips contributing to a comfortable sleeping with oxygen therapy all the night.

What Disease Can POC Treat During Sleeping

What Disease Can portable oxygen concentrator Treat During Sleeping

Although anyone can suffer shortness of breath, not everyone can use oxygen concentrator because excessive inhalation of oxygen may cause toxicity. In this case, only people who have respiratory problems can get  prescriptions from doctors, which allows them to buy oxygen concentrator. Some examples of these respiratory problems are:

Sleep apnea

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease




Lung diseases

Cystic fibrosis

Congenital heart disease

Pulmonary fibrosis

Chronic bronchitis

How to Choose Right POC for Sleeping

Oxygen Flow

There is the two flow types of an oxygen delivery. They are continuous flow and pulse dose. If you just use POC for sleeping therapy, we high recommend continuous flow device. Because it delivers a constant  oxygen flow, you won’t be border by changing flow quantity.

However, if you want to use it in daytime, we advise you to choose a device with double modes. The advantages of a pulse dose is that it follow your breathing rhythm and rate. In other words, you will inhale oxygen at your own rate.

Noise Level

Some portable oxygen concentrators can be noisy during working. This is really a vital factors you should consider especially if you plan to use it during sleeping.

In common, noise degree of a concentrator can be measured by decibel. The following table will show you in detail.

Noise LevelFeelingComment
10dBSo quiet, almost hard to perceivePerfect sleeping
20dBThe rustling of the wind through the trees excellent condition for sleeping
30dBWhispergood condition for sleeping
40dBThe sound of a mosquito flying past earsBad for those sensitive to sound
50dBCommon talk indoorAffect sleep quality

Therefore,we suggest POC below 30db to make sure a good sleeping at night.

IoT Function

Enjoying oxygen concentrator during sleeping can be unconscious about the therapy data all the night. With the development of technology, medical devices with recording function come and become helpful therapy secretaries for patients.

Bluetooth oxygen concentrator is the most popular type in this field. It is capable of recording the time and oxygen volume you have used last night. Besides that, if you choose pulse dose delivery mode, it will offer you the pulse dose broken line graph during sleeping. Through pairing to your smart phone, all of above oxygen therapy data is uploaded to your phone, so that you and your doctor have an easy access to the everyday therapy situation. Besides, some of POC is inserted SD card to store therapy data. It is not a bad idea as long as it offers therapy data to help doctor make proper prescription in next follow-up visit.

3 Ways to Sleep Softly With Portable Oxygen Concentrator

3 Ways to Sleep Softly With Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Wear the mask or cannula comfortably

Make sure that your oxygen mask or nasal cannula is in proper size. Besides, if you prefer to use mask, try to choose one made by soft material. Since the bandage of the mask unavoidably exerts pressure to edge of the mask in order to ensure resistance to air loss, it will most likely cause unnecessary pain after one night sleeping, unless you wear soft material.

Get humidifiers

You may feel few dry if taking one breath in the air, but things are totally different when you breath through oxygen concentrator for 8-hour-sleeping. The oxygen output by concentrator is much drier than the air we breath in.

In order to solve this problem, POC with humidify system is launched in the retail market and wholesale market. You just need to fill the little bottle, which is attached on the device, with clean water before sleeping or oxygen therapy. Then, the machine is capable of handling humidity problem all the night by itself automatically, promising no drought against your throat when you get up next day.

What’ more, if you still want more humidity, we suggest using home humidifiers for your rooms to moisturize the air around the device.

Ensure clean filters

The oxygen concentrator collects air from the room and processes it to filter contaminants like pollen, dust and smoke. Thus, the filter plays an key roles in protecting the internal components from blocking and keeping the output oxygen clean.

However, the filter, over time, will be clogged up by impurities. If you want a comfortable oxygen therapy during sleeping, regular cleaning and replacement is very necessary. 

According to the structure of concentrator, you may be required to replace the filter every months or so. Otherwise, it may cause malfunction of the device and bring contaminant oxygen to you. 

Why Sleep with Portable Oxygen Concentrator at Night

Improve Sleep Quality

Oxygen concentrator therapy promote your sleep cycle by offering abundant oxygen to your lung. You can enjoy a wonderful and safe sleeping all the night since there will be low risk of short breathing attack.

Please Your Mood

Getting depression and anxiety for no reason may be one sign of low oxygen at night. Fortunately, oxygen concentrator makes sure that you get sufficient oxygen during sleep. When you feel anxiety at night, try to start oxygen therapy and meditation at the same time. With the unobstructed breathing, your body may be relaxing. If keeping this habit in long run, it will benefit physical health and mental health of respiratory patient.

Energizes Your Body

Lack of oxygen at night can cause body fatigue during the day time. It’s a good news that oxygen concentrator therapy can increase your stamina, so you will have the energy to accomplish household chores, finish tasks, and do the activities in your life. 

lessens Shortness of Breath

Oxygen concentrator therapy can relieve shortness of breath or breathlessness. However, it may only lessen but not remove all these signs away. Last but not least, you are supposed to get prescriptions firstly before getting one device, since not everyone are proper to receive oxygen therapy just for breathlessness.

Reduce Health Risks

Receiving oxygen therapy during night can decrease the risk of getting health problems. Sufficient oxygen is very significant to the operation of whole body or each organ. Disease like heart failure, arrhythmias, pulmonary hypertension will keep far away from you.


If you want to customize a batch of portable oxygen concentrators for easy sleeping, please feel free to contact us.

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