Health Solution for Poor Air Quality Due to Canadian Wildfires

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Health Solution for Poor Air Quality Due to Canadian Wildfires

The smoke due to Canadian wildfires has affected lots of areas and people. We, Moko Medtech, a professional medtech OEM, look into this news. Some health solution for poor air quality will be shared, including nebulizer using.

Canadas Wildfire Carbon Emissions Hit Record High In First Six Months of 2023

Canada’s Wildfire Carbon Emissions Hit Record High In First Six Months of 2023

CNN News

This year’s wildfire season witnessed the worst situation in Canada. seventy-six thousand square km is burning across from eastern to western Canada. 
So far, firefighters have been battling about five hundred blazes throughout the country. However, more than half of them are out-of-control.
Drifting smoke from the ongoing wildfires greatly destroys air quality and raises concerns throughout the Great Lakes region as well as in parts of the central and eastern US.
What’s worse, in June, smoke from the Canadian wildfires spread to some main urban centers, containing New York as well as Toronto, staining skies in brown-yellow.
Public health authorities issued air quality warning to urge people to stay inside.

Canada wildfires: How Poor Air Quality Impact Our Health

Canada wildfires: How Poor Air Quality Impact Our Health

Wildfire smoke is made up of many elements, such as gases and water vapour. But the main component is particulate matter (PM), including particles with a diameter of 2.5 microns or less (PM2.5.5), and ultrafine particulate matter (UFP). In addition, wildfire smoke also contains carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, and volatile organic compounds (VOC).

The ultrafine particulate matter (UFP), whose diameter is less than 0.01 microns, is more dangerous. When we breathe, UFP can easily pass from the lungs into the blood and all other areas of the body, resulting in further inflammation.

Besides, the harm of carbon monoxide is gas poisoning, which may cause sequelae. Once inhaled, carbon monoxide will combine with hemoglobin in the blood to produce carboxyhemoglobin. Therefore, hypoxia tissues will happen in the human body. It leads to delayed encephalopathy, cerebral edema, motor dysfunction, and a decrease in muscle strength of the whole body. It can cause obvious nausea, vomiting, irritability, mental decline, and even coma and dizziness in patients. Even, in the air with a carbon monoxide concentration of 1.3%, a person will lose consciousness after breathing two or three breaths, and will die after breathing for 13 minutes.

Moreover, high concentrations of carbon dioxide also have certain dangers. Normally, carbon dioxide makes up about 0.06% of the air. When its concentration reaches 2%, people will feel difficulty breathing. If reaching 6% or 7%, people will suffocate to death.

Health Solution for Poor Air Quality Due to Canada Wildfires?

Confronting the harmful gas on-head, staying healthy in the smoke wildfires is the most significant thing for everyone. There are six tips for you as follows.

  • Stay at Home
  • Keep Air Clean at Home
  • Wear Masks in Outdoor Air
  • Clean Your Nose and Throat by Clean Water Per Day
  • Eat More Fruit and Vegetables And No Spicy Food
  • If you are in serious condition, ask for a remote consultation

What Do You Prepare for Smoke In the Air?

What Do You Prepare for Smoke In the Air?

Activated Carbon Masks

Masks with 50% activated carbon has a protective effect on toxic gases contained in wildfire smoke, such as hydrogen cyanide, chloroform, toluene, ethylene oxide, etc.

Oxygen Concentrator 

Oxygen concentrator increases oxygen concentration to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning and carbon dioxide asphyxiation.

Fruit & Vegetable for Meals

They can provide vitamins to develop your immunity.

Clean water for Drink and Gargle

Gargle with clean water to clean away the particles of wildfire smoke in your mouth and throat every day.

Medicine Prescribed by Your Doctor

If you unfortunately get ill in this wildfire smoke accident, please get in touch with your doctor and buy prescribed medicine.

What Can I Do After a Wildfire Smoke Event to Protect My Family?

What Can I Do After a Wildfire Smoke Event to Protect My Family?

Children and older adults, who have weak immunity, should be taken good care of in this air pollution accident.

Children Care: Mesh Nebulizer

Children Care: Mesh Nebulizer

Children are one of the groups with a high risk of getting respiratory infections. The child’s immune function and cellular immune function are not perfect. His mucous cilia in the respiratory tract are relatively short, limiting the filter capacity of harmful particles in the contaminated air.

If your children unluckily get respiratory infections in this air pollution accident, please ask an online professional consultant. Moreover, it is advisable to receive nebulizing therapy at home with the help of bluetooth mesh nebulizer with great nebulizing capacity.

Just assembly the mesh nebulizer device and pour the prescribed medicine into the nebulizer cup, your children can start respiratory therapy.

You can slightly hold your children in a sitting position, keeping his emotions calm. Mesh nebulizer, with great nebulizing capacity, must not disappoint you due to its low soft noise, high treatment effect and small nebulizing particles that can reach the little respiratory of your children.

As we all know, no one wants to stay outside for one more minute in a place filled with wildfire smoke, so how can we go out for professional consultant? The bluetooth function is a good solution. It allows the therapy data upload to your smart phone so as to show it in remote consultation.

Elder Care: Compressor Nebulizer & EKG Machine

Elder Care: Compressor Nebulizer & EKG Machine

The elder are exposed to the risk of respiratory and heart disease in this wildfire smoke accident.

Respiratory Care: Compressor Nebulizer

Originally, the metabolism of the elderly is slow, and the body is more sensitive to the external environment. Wildfire smoke is more damageable for them than other people. If they get respiratory infections, we recommend getting medicine under a doctor’s prescription and receiving household compressor nebulizer therapy for them. Try to get a professional compressor with bluetooth function, broad medicine compatibility and durability. Because the elder are not good at remembering therapy data each time, we advise to use bluetooth for data delivery and storage. Also, for elder, it may take longer time to recover from respiratory disease, so the durability of device is very necessary.

Heart Care: EKG Machine

Due to the increase of age, the circulatory system of elder body will also be greatly senescent, which affects the myocardial nutrition supply-excretion-metabolism and circulation. Thus, the elder are at high risk of various heart diseases.

Now, the occurrence of wildfire smoke, which contains a variety of toxic substances, such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, ammonia and chlorazane, raise the above heart risk to the top. Elder should be taken particular care to prevent infarction and stroke.

Usually, we suggest that the elderly can wear a Bluetooth home Dynamic EKG machine for 24-hour dynamic EKG detection and recording. It can not only judge whether a patient has transient arrhythmia or myocardial ischemia, but also store and upload the heart condition to the smartphone in real time. Then, family members can check the heart condition of the elderly anytime and anywhere. Besides, they can send the records to professional doctors for consultation through the Internet. This avoids unnecessary trips to the hospital to inhale wildfire smoke. Of course, once the elderly have abnormal ECG as well as symptoms of palpitations, please send them to the hospital immediately. Otherwise, the best treatment time will be missed.


If you want to more health solution for poor air quality, please leave message to us. If you want to purchase any medical device against the damage of wildfire smoke, especially nebulizer and oxygen concentrator, please feel free to contact us. Wish you good health!

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