How to Use Different Nebulizer Machines

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How to Use Different Nebulizer Machines

There are about four million people who die from chronic respiratory diseases per twelve years. Developed countries suffer from a large amount of asthma, while most of these deaths happen in low- and middle-income countries. Against these serious trends, we are going to introduce different types of nebulizer machines and how to use different nebulizer machines, aiming at helping more people with respiratory disease.

What Are Different Types of Nebulizer Machine?

What Are Different Types of Nebulizer Machine?

Mesh Nebulizer

The mesh atomizer produces spray via tiny ultrasonic vibrations and mesh spray head. The vibrator plays a role in vibrating up and down. Then, the liquid is extruded through the holes of the nozzle-type mesh spray head, thus forming a spray. The whole atomizer is very small for easy carrying and use. Last but not least, it is completely silent when in use.

Its important accessory, the net-type spray head, needs to be boiled and sterilized after each atomization inhalation treatment, so as not to cause micro-pore blockage as well as weaken atomization ability.

Compressor Nebulizer

Based on the theory of Venturi injection, the compressor nebulizer form a high-speed air flow through a little nozzle, with the help of compressed air. Then, medical liquid carrying negative pressure sprayed onto the barrier, resulting that the liquid splashes around and forms mist particles. Finally, they expelled from the outlet pipe.

Patients can inhale an appropriate amount of nebulization within an appropriate treatment time, and it is not easy to cause hypoxia and coughing. The atomized particles are so fine that it can deeply treat the lower respiratory tract. Even better, such fine particles are not easy to collide and combine, reducing the waste of liquid medicine. Nowadays, compressed nebulizers are widely used in hospitals and homes.

Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Ultrasonic can atomize the liquid, which will spread evenly into the air later. But most nebulizing particles can just reach the upper respiratory tract such as the throat and mouth, while the volume of particles that can arrive in lungs is very small. Besides, it has a very limited effect on the small airways. These all lead to the general therapeutic effect of ultrasonic nebulizer. What’s more, its maintenance inconvenience and short service life gradually reduce the expectations and favors of retail consumers.

Do All The Nebulizer Work The Same?

Do All The Nebulizer Work The Same?

No. Compressor nebulizers work by using air compressors to create the mist containing the medicine, while ultrasonic nebulizer is based on sound vibrations. Taking the advantages of the above, mesh nebulizer is equipped with ultrasonic vibrations and a small nozzle with holes to nebulize the drug liquid.

Use Different Nebulizer Machines

Use Different Nebulizer Machines

Six Steps to Use Mesh Nebulizer

1.Wash and sterilize the nebulizer: Prior to using the equipment, do not forget to carefully sterilize to avoid infections.

2.Power up to the Nebulizer: The nebulizer configured lithium batteries are chargeable. The battery is capable of offering four hours of use in the condition of completed charge. If this is your first time using the nebulizer, please ensure one-hour-charge at least before using. Absolutely, when you are charging for the mesh nebulizer, please don’t use it for safety.

3.Assembly device: Firstly, hold the main body of the device in one hand and the nebulizing part in the other hand. Secondly, carefully push the nebulizing part along with the slot until you hear click sound.

4.Add medical liquid: Open the nebulizer cup, add the proper type and volume of medical liquid following your physicians’ advice. Next, close the nebulizer cup, which has a maximum capacity of about eight milliliter.

5.Use the mesh nebulizer

Install the mouthpiece or the mask to the nebulizer cup. If a wifi or bluetooth function is available, please pair the device to your smartphone.

The following step is pressing the ON/OFF button. If the green indicating light is on, and the nebulizer is working normally. Or, you can control the nebulizer by app via bluetooth. Please press the ON/OFF button, then log in the app and press start. You can change the atomizing rate and stop the nebulizer in Settings of the app.

During nebulizing therapy, try to keep calm and relax. It is advisable to sit well and hold nebulizer stably.

6.Switch off the device: Press the ON/OFF button to turn off the device.

Seven Steps To Use Compressor Nebulizer

1.Pour the medical drug into the nebulizer

2.Open the nebulizer cup and pour the medical drug into it. Make sure the lid tightly to avoid medicine spilling out. Then, plug the nebulizer.

3.Install the mouthpiece. Fix it to the nebulizer cup. Although various factories may have various shape designs for the compressor nebulizers, most mouthpieces are on the top of the nebulizer cup.

4.Attach the tube. Connect one end of the oxygen tube to the nebulizer cup. Generally speaking, the tube will link to the bottom of the cup.

5.Use nebulizer. Switch on the device and wear the mouthpiece, maintaining your lips sealed exactly around it. Please breath in a slow and deep way by your mouth to make sure all the medicine goes into your respiratory tract. In contrast, please breath out of your nose to try to save more medicine in your body.

6.Keep breath in the medical atomization in sitting position. It often takes approximately a quarter. If the patient is too young, it is advisable to hold the child by in arms to keep him sitting straight up and calmly.

7.Turn off the device and wash the accessories. We suggest you sterilize the device once a week.

Method To Use Ultrasonic Nebulizer

1.The device should be kept on a horizontal plane.

2.Various parts should be fully cleaned.

3.Wash your hands

4.The premixed medical liquid should be poured into the container.

5.The tube need to be connected between the compressor and the container.

6.Turning on the switch to check if the device is nebulizing or not

7.If yes, wear the mouthpiece, making sure that the medical mist does not leak

8.Find a seat to sit, breathing in the medical mist by mouth slowly

9.Keep the container upright to avoid leakage of the medicine.


We hope that you can acquire how to use different nebulizer machines and wish you good health

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