Smart Training Equipment via IoMT For Home Rehabilitation

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Smart Training Equipment via IoMT For Home Rehabilitation

You may seldom hear of smart training equipment via IoMT for home nowadays. This paragraph will, from the perspective of the future, talk about it steps by steps. We really hope that we can make sustainable preparation to ensure human health.

 How big is the market of smart training equipment via IoMT for home?

 How big is the market of smart training equipment via IoMT for home?

There is a macroscopic social survey.

“Globally, approximately 2.4 billion people currently have health conditions that could potentially benefit from recovery but fail for the lack of resources. As people live longer, we expect the number of people over 60 to double by 2050, which means more people are living with chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke and cancer. Meanwhile, continued rates of injury and childhood developmental conditions such as cerebral palsy persist. ”Said by WHO. Undoubtedly, we will need more rehabilitation services.

Do you get 6 weeks free care?

Do you get 6 weeks free care?

Let’ s look into the patient discharge process from hospital to home. Take the NHS for example. After professional clinic treatment, the hospital will make a health assessment, which is a reference to decide whether he or she needs further care. Meanwhile, the patient should contact the coordinator of hospital to ensure the care arrangement is booked successfully.

This care plan sponsored by hospital contains full care in initiate stage, instruction to self-training on patient’s own, a health contact person and free visits at intervals. The care within 6 weeks is free.

If the hospital assessment shows weak requirement to care, which may be involved by a doctor, the patient has to contact the society service center by himself or herself for rehabilitation care.

No matter who offers rehabilitation care, daily training task is necessary and helpful to improve health. If there is any difficulty in daily rehab training, the patient can ask for help of your health contact person or sending an application to an official government website.

It seems society provides lots of assess to rehabilitation care, but it is not so convenient and simple for a patient, who fails to get 6 weeks free care with the help of hospital, to ask for help of  limited public resources and go through tedious applications.

Don’t worry. Rehabilitating at home becomes more friendly for patients because of more accesses to professional training and treatment.

How Can I Rehabilitate At Home?

How Can I Rehabilitate At Home?

Smart household training equipment for rehab is a really good solution, which, I think, should be  widely popularized in society, at least, among that 2.4 billion people mentioned in the first part.

The smart is for building IoMT network between patient and professional nurse, while the household is for the lack of public clinical medical resources.

Choose the right training equipment according to your situation.

First of all, identify your needs. Are you just looking for pain relief, training, or deeper therapy? If it is just pain relief, the general low-frequency treatment instrument is competent. Physiotherapy doctors may recommend you to choose the medium frequency of the multi-functional comprehensive treatment instrument.

Are you budgeting for hundreds or thousands? Budget issues can sometimes determine the product function and configuration. In some extent, it is also a reflection of quality of the products.

It would be better to qualify by some export certification, such as CE safety certification, ROSH environmental certification and so on.

In terms of function, electric therapy, heat therapy, laser therapy are common in the market.

Finally, compare 2-3 brands and models. We should know more about their brand culture and after-sales services. Does their factory focus on quality control with the ISO 13485 system? Do they consider sustainability issues?

Turn on wifi to share training and therapy data to your health contact person.

Thanks to the IoMT technology, the training equipment automatically collects and records treatment and delivers to the database. This not improves the communication efficiency between patients and social workers, but also allows patients to carry out accurate and quantitative training and evaluation so as to achieve efficient and high-quality rehabilitation.

Allow your family access to your training project via IoMT.

Many people assume that rehabilitation is all about the patient himself. However, due to the limitations of objective conditions, it is far from easy for patients to maintain their enthusiasm for daily tasks.

A recent study by Dutch scientists shows that patients need not only their self-enthusiasm to exercise, but also the support and necessary help from their family and friends. With sufficient support of metal and physical, patients can continue to exercise for a long time with ease. This not only lays the necessary material foundation for their own physical health, but also brings more joy to their family and friends with the development of their health.

What are smart rehab items for home?

What are smart rehab items for home?

IoMT is continuing to gain popularity, especially in the field of medical rehabilitation. The benefits of smart training equipment via IoMT for home rehabilitation care are manifold. They facilitate the transition from reactive treatments to sustainable treatment, especially for chronic diseases that require long-term rehabilitation. Because the patient may not be able to proactively manage their disease and keep up with their care plan. By integrating IoMT wearables in such cases, nurses and family can monitor patients and provide them with more remote care. This ability to monitor patients remotely via IoMT will greatly improve patient care and overall medical operations. 

Overall, these wearable rehabilitation devices for home share the same features- not big in size, not heavy in weight, portable and capable of wifi connect.

Smart Training Equipment via IoMT for Home Rehabilitation

Mini steppers

Mini steppers mainly excel at improving lower limb muscle atrophy, varicose veins and reducing all kinds of leg hip muscle group soreness and numbness. Then, both arms and legs training services are offered by this machine.

The whole design of stepper is mini, strong attachment to your feet, safe and portable. This machine has two silent hydraulic cylinders so that its movement is smooth and quiet. To be considerate, adjustable resistance is suitable for different stages of rehabilitation and different patients. Also, the foot pedal of stepper is wide but light, suitable for people with different foot sizes. Besides, special ultra-high hardness plastic material ensures that the pedal is not easy to break and fall off. A stable triangular steel bracket is under the display screen.

Configured with a digital calculation function, it can display training time and the number of steps on the screen. When Bluetooth or wifi is connected, you can see the data on the phone, computer and iPad. More and more, data via IoMT can be accessed by family members and the health contact person, bringing more convenience to the patient.  

Leg Training Exercises

In addition to mini stepper, leg training exercises can realize similar functions. It suits people in various ages, especially the elderly. You just sit on a chair and move your feet like riding a bike. It is very easy to use.

The product comes with a digital display to keep track of movement. It helps exercise cardiopulmonary function, limbs muscles and body coordination.Furthermore, it can improve cardiovascular function, circulation, slimming effect, and control effect from central nervous system to muscle..

Moreover, palm rehabilitation trainer is required in common. For hand or finger joint dysfunction, including hand dysfunction caused by stroke, sports injuries or other injuries, this instrument uses repeated expansion and contraction of bellows to move fingers and hand joints, supporting rhythmic extension, flexion and external movement extension.

It is effective to prevent joint contracture, promote and improve the recovery of hand function. First, it can maintain joint mobility, improve spasticity, and prepare for functional training during the recovery period. Second, it helps reduce muscle tension and improve spasticity. Third, it helps reduce edema, promote blood circulation, and prevent muscle atrophy. Fourth, it promotes strengthen the flexion and extension functions of each finger, increase functional activities, and improve hand motor dysfunction.

Smart Therapy Equipment via IoMT for Home Rehabilitation

Hot and Cold Therapy Machine

The hot and cold therapy machine can perform cold and heat therapy on any part of the human body. The temperature is transmitted to the treatment site through a special strap. During the treatment, you can also use the massage function to increase the curative effect. The temperature range is 0-40°C (cold therapy temperature 0-10°C, heat therapy temperature 30-40°C), and the constant treatment temperature and cycle can also be set. Users can save and recall these cycle recipes as needed. At the same time, alternating hot and cold therapy can also be carried out.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold laser therapy is also good at rehabilitation therapy. With its own optical characteristics, polarized light produces strong light needle that tingles and moxibustion effects. Thus, it is capable of adjusting the nervous system, circulatory system, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular systems, digestive system, endocrine system and immune system of the human body. Thereby it realizes changing the pathophysiological process of the body, restoring physiological balance and maintaining a stable internal environment.

First, this “light needle” can inhibit nerve excitation and relax muscles by irradiating nerve roots, nerve trunks, ganglia, pain points and acupuncture points. It provides full aerobic metabolism, which blocks the vicious circle of pain and achieves the purpose of relieving muscle spasm as well as relieving pain. Second, it can accelerate the generation of tissue activity substances and the metabolism of pain substances, and eliminate inflammation and edema as soon as possible. Third, it helps dilate blood vessels and increase blood flow so as to improve local microcirculation, strengthen tissue nutrition, and promote wound healing. Fourth, it will also regulate the autonomic nervous system and promote the circulation of the lymphatic system. Stabilize the internal circulation of the body and increase the body’s immunity. Fifth, the irradiation of the stellate ganglion can replace the block of the stellate ganglion to avoid side effects.

Smart Muscle Stimulator via IoMT for Home Rehabilitation

After the patient attach the painful area and press the button, rechargeable EMS machine transmits EMS microcurrent to the muscle nerve signal in order to stimulate the muscle tissue for automatic contract and relaxation by body. After the muscle cells are sufficiently stimulated and exercised, the local blood flow will be increased and the muscle cells will be restored to normal function.

With the assistance of this electric stimulator product, the muscles can simulate the movement posture in the real state, and the movement method is more scientific. At the same time, this product has a variety of built-in strength and electrical stimulation waveform options. Users can adjust it at any time according to their needs and tolerance. Therefore, its use process is safer, painless and non-irritating, which brings about the exercise effect that is similar to the performance of a professional rehabilitation therapist.

The main principle of the leg muscle stimulation device is to use weak current conduction to stimulate the body to relax the muscles, thereby promoting the circulation of blood. It can fully wrap the calf. No matter if it is for sore legs caused by exercise, poor blood circulation in the legs, or varicose veins, it performs a good massage effect.



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