The Best 4 Intelligent Exercise Rehabilitation Devices for Elder

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The Best 4 Intelligent Exercise Rehabilitation Devices for Elder

Stroke? It is this word that was frequently heard of. Also, it is this word that was the most undesirable thing occurring on an elder’s body. Moko MEDTECH, an OEM factory, considerately provides a special product series for elder who suffer from minor disability because of stroke and Alzheimer. 4 Types of intelligent exercise rehabilitation devices are in this range, aiming at relieving such hot elder diseases in the whole society.

Stroke Basic Introduction

Stroke is a disease involving damage to brain tissue. It is usually caused by a sudden rupture or blockage of a blood vessel in the brain, preventing blood from flowing to the brain. It generally includes cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction, and transient ischemic attack.
Sequelas of stroke are very intractable and time-consuming. They are
● Numbness: If the lesion site damages the conduction sensory nerve fibers and causes dysfunction in the relevant brain regions, the patient will experience numbness in the body or face.
●Peripheral paralysis: local tissue ischemia caused by stroke. Once the patient does not receive enough rehabilitation training, he may suffer from muscular dystrophy.
●Hemiplegia: If the nerve fibers related to limb movement are damaged by a stroke, the patient may have movement disorders in one side of the upper and lower limbs, facial muscles and lower parts of the tongue.
●Aphasia: Some patients will have aphasia. Such as sensory aphasia and motor aphasia.
●Hemianopia: If the visual center in the occipital lobe of the brain is damaged, the patient will suffer from hemianopia. In other words, his vision will shrink.
●Cognitive and mental disorders: the patient’s intelligence may decline. Besides, patients may have personality changes, listlessness, and reluctance to talk to people.

According to the sequelas, therapy measures, including exercises rehabilitation, medical therapy and physical therapy, should by taken in a proper way.

Do I Need Exercises Equipment?

Do I Need Exercises Equipment?

If professional therapy in hospital is available for you, there is no need to buy intelligent rehabilitation exercise devices for yourself. Or, if your budget is affordable to the quotation from a nursing home, you can just go. For those without accessibility to therapy house and enough financial support, we highly advise them to buy intelligent exercises rehabilitation devices. Some high-tech rehabilitation device even ease the communication between the patience and therapist by intelligent IOT technology.

What equipment is best for rehabilitation?

What equipment is best for rehabilitation?

Mini Stepper

Mini stepper features bluetooth function and soft resistance. The bluetooth function helps upload the sport movement of the patience and keep a clear record on the phone.

As we all know, patience who has suffered stroke may be harder to memorize things in his brain. Even, they may be more unwilling to share their status with others because of mental depression that results from brain hurt. That is where bluetooth or IoT exactly helps.  

As we quote in the intro part, insufficient training may lead to muscular dystrophy. When the exercise data is upload to the mobile phone by bluetooth, it is more clear to supervise the amount of training, especially to long-term training review. If the elderly is unable to use a mobile phone, the data can be uploaded to one of his family members by bluetooth, too. This allows family care to go through IoT in a convenient way.

Second, the resistance of stepper is adjustable by users. For the elderly, we advise them to set it at a soft level. The muscles and joints of elders are weaker than youngsters. A soft resistance stepper can prevent strain towards the elder’s muscle while the amount of daily training is ensured. This design is very considerate for the elder.

Health Pedal Exercises

As mini stepper, health pedal exercises equipment can be inserted into the bluetooth module. The advantages are obvious as we mentioned in the previous part.

The most surprising feature of this product is its versatile. The pedal is not only for foot riding, but also for hand riding. That means two types of exercises can be conducted through little equipment. Two in one function makes it in high cost performance.

Moreover, it is weak-elder-friendly. If stroke elder are in the initial stage of rehabilitation, this pedal exercises fit him a lot more than the mini stepper. Because the exercises can be finished on the sofa or chair without the requirement of standing and balancing.    

Finger Rehabilitation Gloves

Finger Rehabilitation Gloves

Finger rehabilitation gloves are the funniest tools among all the training devices. Three training modes are available.  

This first mode is automatic mode. The gloves move their bionic joints automatically. The elder who wears the gloves will move his finger by the driving of the bionic finger muscle.

The second training mode is mirroring. In other words, two gloves should be prepared. One is for a healthy hand, the other is for a disabled hand. When the healthy hand in gloves makes some post or gesture, the gloves for the disabled hand will drive to follow the movement.

The third training mode is gaming. Bluetooth or wifi modules play an important role in this mode. Linking the device to a specific game on the phone, the elder can get involved in the funny game by moving his fingers.  

The funny games offer visual stimulation to the brain, so the brain would be more active to send motion signals to the motor neuron. Later, the motor neuron is more likely to be woken up and have a good command of finger movement. In response, the specific game will give some funny feedback and score rewards to each good finger movement. That, continuously, stimulates the brain and motor neurons again. Such a positive circle promotes the recovery of the motor nerve and provides good mood to the elder with mental disorder.

Smart Grip Strengthener

Smart grip strengthener is the best palm training device in the middle stage of rehabilitation, where motor neurons have almost recovered and the finger motion is formal.

After using finger rehabilitation gloves for initial recovery, the finger movement is fluent but with weak strength. Even though, it is too weak to hold a glass of water to drink, this is just a basic behavior in common life.

Generally speaking, smart grip strengthens give hope and happiness to these elders. It features gaming module and user-friendly hand feeling.Pairing to the app on mobile phoneby bluetooth, the user can choose common module and gaming model to train grip strengthener. Similar as the gaming module of finger rehabilitation gloves, it promotes the recovery of muscle nerve by positive visual stimulation circle. In addition, the shape and material of grip strengthener contributes a good hand feeling for users.  

What are the benefits of exercises equipment?

What are the benefits of exercises equipment?

Above four best intelligent exercise rehabilitation devices make a strong protective guard for stroke sequelas, from initial stage to final stage of recovery, from upper limbs to lower limbs.

Further, if their popularity improves, patients without access to public therapy resources or without enough money for rehabilitation programs will enjoy the same services with the help of smart rehabilitation equipment. Social medical pressure will be reduced at the same time. More and more, IoT allows more convenience to deliver family care through the Internet. The elder in sickness would receive more love than before, getting healthier in a physical and mental way.      

How Do I Choose An Exerciese Machine?

We advise you to choose ones with IoT function and good quality, if you are the user.

If you are an eldercare brand, welcome your inquiries and your product ideas. Accordingly, we recommend source customized products whose factories are good at making IoT modules and quality management related to medical devices.


In addition to handling stroke recovery, this range of products can also prevent Alzheimer. The original aim of launching this customized series is to bring more health to the elder. We look forward to a a partner, a sincere trading brand company, to make contributions to elder diseases together in society.

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