Nebulizer vs. Inhaler: Which is Better?

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Nebulizer vs. Inhaler: Which is Better?

Nebulizer vs. inhaler is a hot issue in the field of respiratory disease treatment. Today, we will look into these two medical devices and make comparisons between them from the perspective of sophisticated manufacturer. Hope all of you can buy what you exactly need, and enjoy healthy and happy lives.

Know About Nebulizer

Know About Nebulizer

Nebulizer is a device for delivering drugs to respiratory in the form of mist, aiming at curing asthma, cystic fibrosis and COPD. It nebulizes drugs with the help of compressed air, ultrasonic or vibrator mesh so that patients can breath in the medical particles through respiratory tract.

How to Use Nebulizer

  • Put out all the accessories, including air tube, nebulizer cup, and mask or mouthpiece.
  • Add medicine liquid to the nebulizer cup with attention to the max volume remark line.
  • Connect the nebulizer cup to the device by air tube.
  • Don’t forget to equip the cup with a proper mask.
  • Then, switch on the nebulizer and start breathing peacefully as usual under the tight cover of the mask.
  • After finishing therapy, it is necessary to clean all the accessories and dry them.

Know About Inhaler

Know About Inhaler

PMDI, a pressurized metered dose inhaler, can also treat respiratory conditions such as asthma. When the inhaler is pressed, the internal ejector shoots the drug out, forming tiny particles whose diameter is less than 1 to 5μm. If used correctly, 90% of the drug particles can reach the intended delivery tissue.

How to Use Inhaler

  • Shake the inhaler to fully mix the medicine inside.
  • Take the cover of the inhaler.
  • Try to breath out all the air in your lungs in one exhalation
  • At the switching moment between deep exhalation and next inhalation, put the inhaler in you month and wrap the nozzle tightly with your lips.
  • Press the inhaler to spray the medical powder when you start breathing in air.
  • Keep inhaling until you feel full, though the spraying has stopped prior to your inhalation.
  • Once you remove the haler, please close your month immediately and keep this for 10 seconds.
  • Then, slowly breath out.
  • It is advisable to clean the nozzle with clean wet cloth after using it. Until it is dried, close the cover of the inhaler.  
  • Besides, washing your month is necessary so as to avoid side effects, such as oropharyngeal infection due to hormone medicine.

What is the Difference Between a Nebulizer vs. an Inhaler?

What is the Difference Between a Nebulizer vs. an Inhaler?

Long lifetime. Add medicine to the cup each time. After running out of the medical liquid, just wash the accessories and dry. The machine and its accessory can be used many times.

Adjustable nebulizing fineness. The adjusting system can be installed on the cover of the cup and in the control PCB. For the former, you can resort to a paddle shift. For the latter, you can turn to the button on the surface of the main device.

Easy breathing technique. If you choose a mask, it is very easy to use it in a proper way to ensure perfect treatment effects.

Poor portability. There are three types of nebulizers- compressor, ultrasonic and vibrator mesh. Except for mesh nebulizer, the other two are too heavy to carry at all times.

Frequent Cleaning. Users are supposed to clean the accessories each time finishing therapy.
Short lifetime. If the medicine inside runs out, it is time to buy a new one.

Portability. Small size and light weight.

Difficult breathing techniques required. It leads to high possibility of poor treatment effects.

Quick therapy process. It just takes about one minute to finish drug inhaling.

Obvious side effect on oropharynx. Most drugs in inhalers contain hormones, which may promote the risk of oropharyngeal fungal infection.

Potential side effect. When hormones enter circulation and are absorbed by the patient body, it may cause drug resistance after long-time therapy.If the body absorbs excessive volume of hormones, it may stimulate cardiac muscle, resulting in arrhythmia.

Weak kid-friendly design.
Poor drug compatibility.  

Which One is Better, Nebulizer vs. Inhaler?

Which One is Better, Nebulizer vs. Inhaler?

For Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary

Nebulizer. Chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases is also COPD. The patient needs long-term therapy. In order to reduce drug resistance that results from receiving the same hormone for a long period, we suggest using nebulizer which allows different types of medicine.

For Cystic Fibrosis

Nebulizer. Cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease, can not be cured radically. Patients will carry this disease all along their life. Thus, we should choose nebulizer therapy for CF without any hesitation. The reasons are similar to dealing with COPD – less side effects.

For Asthma & Allergies

Inhaler first. And nebulizer for long-term therapy. When a life-threatening asthma attacks, inhaler can play a significant role to stop bronchospasm at one-press moment, saving patience from asphyxia. Still, we advise using nebulizer therapy according to doctor’s advice. Because it is also a long journey to fight against asthma.

For Seasonal Flu

Nebulizer. Seasonal flu requires more types of medicines than just one type of resparitory disease needs. With the strong drug compatibility, nebulizer solve this problem to the point.

For Kids

Nebulizer. From the perspective of appearance design and breathing technique, nebulizer should be the best way to treat kids. Kids are always attracted by things with a cute appearance and can not acquire difficult breath technique.

For Household

It depends. If family members suffer from asthma, please prepare an inhaler and nebulizer. If COPD or other respiratory disease, just prepare a nebulizer.

For portibility

Inhaler and portable mesh nebulizer can meet your requirements. However, don’t forget to charge and add medicine to your mesh nebulizer if you get used to putting it in the handbag.


After reading this text, we are sure that you are capable of choosing proper medical device for your situation. Still, if you find any business opportunity in retail market, don’t hesitate to discuss it with us. And we will offer product customization support to you.

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